Tipping for carpet installation?

I’m having new carpet installed tomorrow, about 950 Sq. Ft. in two areas. The installers are contractors working for Lowes which is where we made the purchase.

The installers are moving furniture, but not electronics nor our sleep number bed. I’ve got two folks who normally clean our house coming over to help move stuff out of closets and empty bookcases and such so they can be moved. They are being paid by me.

Would I, or should I tip the installers when they are done? They are pulling up and hauling off the old carpet, and I assume replacing the furniture that was moved.

If I tip them, what do you think is appropriate?


Is it not part of the fee?

No tip.

First, have cold beverages available for the workers during the project. Bottled water, iced tea, maybe a couple of sodas if you want.

The professional (Lowes) don’t get a tip unless you really want to in which case I wouldn’t exceed 10%. I would really suggest calling their supervisor and offering feedback on their performance. If they were professional, polite, efficient and cleaned up after themselves then the boss should know it. If they didn’t meet your reasonable expectations then feedback is even more important.

Be generous with the house cleaners who are helping you. They are going above and beyond here so show them your appreciation. If things go fabulously, I might go as high as a 50% tip.

My housekeepers get $120 per cleaning. Two persons and they usually spend between 3-4 hours. They each get a $100 Amazon gift card at Christmas as well as fireworks and such for their kids.

Yes, the installation is part of the fee paid to Lowes. I always have bottled tea and water for anyone working on my property.

I bought lunch for the installers and provided water. I think I also gave them each $20 (it was 3 years ago). Those guys work hard.

I was thinking along the lines of $20 as well. I’ll keep that in mind. Looking forward to new carpet, but not the fun of unloading book cases and other furniture.

It would be nice. Not necessary, but nice.

Nope. You’re already paying them to do the job that was contacted.

This habit of tipping anybody who does anything needs to go.

At a restaurant aren’t the staff already paid? Or your hairdresser? Dog groomer? Why do some services get tips and others don’t?
Full disclosure: my brother installs carpets. By age 45 his knees were basically destroyed from kneeing the carpet tight to the walls and the up and down all day.

I don’t tip tradesmen unless they are doing something outside of their normal job requirements. Carpet/tile installers are paid to remove and install and clean up the floor coverings, and often need to move things to do so. Also, their hourly rate is usually enough to keep them in Twinkies without extra help. For people who deliver heavy shit, I’ll tip if they have to navigate up steep stairs or have other difficulties that are outside the ordinary.

When we got new carpeting a few years ago, it was my gf’s project and I assume she tipped the installers (she tips everyone).

But how does this work practically? As I recall, we were both at work when they came and took up the old carpet. They returned the following day and did the installation. Never saw them. When would we have tipped?

I’m home watching them install. Four guys. If they do a good job they can split a $100 bill.