Tipping question...quick answer, pizza will be here in 39 minutes

So, if you’re ordering a pizza from an establishment with a delivery charge, ought one tip?

I tip for service and service only. If the pizza arrives hot and on time, figure 10 - 15 percent of the pizza price. I would also deduct some amount from the tip because of the delivery fee.

Absolutely tip. Don’t deduct because of the fee. It’s not the fault of the driver.

We’ve done threads on this before. I now tip about $2.00 minimum on a $13. pizza.

I always do, just because I don’t know where that delivery charge goes. The business might use part of it to reimburse the driver for gas but then keep the rest for themselves. Anyone have any experience delivering pizza? I’ve always wondered about what to do with a delivery charge as well.

Yep, tip the driver, usually the restaurant keeps the delivery charge.

Always tip the help. $2 is standard for a pizza, on a normal night. If the driver had to brave a storm or Super Bowl orders, $5.

I also base tips on distance and road conditions. A $5 delivery charge on a $15 pizza, plus tip? Won’t do it, most deliveries are less than a mile away, I’ll call someone else thanks.

You should always give a tip to a delivery driver.

Tell him, “Don’t bet on the Giants.”

Thanks everyone! I did tip him 15%. The delivery charge thing is pretty lame, though. I’m not sure I’ll order from them again.

Your pizza was 9 min early…what was the final breakdown?

Delivery charge always ticks me off, but I tip. I used to work for the corporate suites at the arena. They charged a 10% “set-up fee”. Most people would assume that was the tip, but no, the servers never saw one penny of it.

I imagine it is the same for the drivers.

If there is a delivery charge, I would not be too embarrassed to ask the driver, “does the delivery charge include your tip/wage?”

I have a right to know what “delivery charge” means. If this kid is using his own car, paying his own gas & insurance and the delivery charge is going to the restaurant and the kid is still relying on a tip income, I want to know.

I’ll tip the kid. The restaurant can fucko offo.

What makes me angry is places here that deliver when I’m at work are slim to nill. I mean, I work 11pm-7am and that means not a lot is open (IIRC, Pizza hut closes at 10 - papa J’s by 12…by lunch break around 1 only thing is dominos)

They sell a minimum of 7.50 or something to deliver, then add a 1.50 delivery charge…pay the driver .80 per delivery (whether it’s a block away of up to 5 miles) as reimbursment for gas (this is told to me by a driver) and half of them wait around and expect a tip. To be honest, I order once a week, they know me. I also miss the last week of every month because I have to save money for rent. I work day-to-day and go to college, and I know a bit of these kids that work at D’s live with mom-and-dad, two of them go to the private catholic school up the street. I don’t tip them if I know that, but if I get someone I know needs it, a buck or two, cause hell, that’s all I can afford.

just my .02

madhatter56 way to justify being a selfish cheapstake. You’d label my parents as rich, but you wouldn’t know that they refused to pay for a car or insurance, or refused to pay for my college. These kids are saving up for something, or else they wouldn’t be working nights at such a crappy job, and you’re just stiffing them.

If you’re so poor that you can’t spare $2 for a tip, pack your own lunch. That’s a good idea anyway if you’re struggling so much to make your rent.

And to answer the OP, I pay a minimum of 15% on deliveries, usually 20%, no matter the charge. If I can afford the luxury of pizza for myself and if I am too lazy to pick it up… I can afford to give someone making close to minimum wage a few bucks.

No, the drivers do not get the delivery charge money. They do get a small amount for mileage reimbursement, but it’s less than the delivery charge.

What I usually do now, is tip a buck per box (usually 2 pizzas and some other things, like nachos, cheese sticks, blah blah), and then add an extra dollar. So for the typical, 2 pizzas and something else, which comes to 30 bucks, I tip about 4 bucks. I usually add an extra dollar or so if the weather is really crappy.

All the pizza joints around here are within 1-2 miles.

Frank, you better be talking about the baseball Giants. If a customer told me “Here’s a tip, don’t bet on the G-men.” I would first find out if he were a despondent Giants fan. If he were actually deriding the Giants, I would consider knocking out an incisor and getting a different job 300yards down the street. :wink:

I’ve delivered many, many, many a pizza. I have yet to see an outfit that gives all of the delivery charge to the driver. It’s been about half from what I’ve seen, but apparently the IRS allows a certain cents/mile depreciation amount for drivers using their own cars. That’s what the driver’s share of the charge goes toward.

To the people that think that long delivery times are the driver’s fault: please understand that these people would like nothing better than to get your food to you as soon as possible (unless you don’t tip, then good luck). Drivers want as many deliveries as possible, that means being as fast as one can.

Hour long delivery times means the driver is an idiot? No. It means that the store is backed up on orders. It’s almost always in the driver’s best interest to get your food to you, and leave, as quickly as possible. With delivery times that high, the food is only made when it can be delivered soon.

I’m kinda cheap, I’m not a great tipper. I’ll admit it. I rarely order delivery though. I give $2 plus whatever change there is. If the guy seems like he’s trying hard and is ambitious, I’ll kick in an extra buck. Same if he gets here really fast. That means he’s busting his ass, hopefully not in my food, and he should get a couple bucks for it.

I do to tip less when there is a delivery charge. I am generaly a very good tipper. In the case of delivery charges I’m not really concerned where that charge is going. If the driver gets it thats great. If the resturant is collecting it and in no way crediting the driver that sucks to be the driver.

If you order often, and the driver turn-over rate isn’t really high, you’ll get your food whenever the driver feels you should (because of the consistently low tip rate). People that think that good tippers don’t get their food earlier, are deluded.

Often this favoritism is subtle in practice due to lack of volume, but it can affect the customer over time. Try calling the store and tell them that you tip less because of the delivery fee. The owner doesn’t give a shit, the manager can’t change it, and the driver feels the same way you do, but is the one that suffers financially.

I’ve delivered countless food items. I’ve worked with dozens and dozens of people. I’ve heard a decent amount of customer complaints. The number of drivers that I’ve seen fired over customer complaints is zero.

I’ve never added any non-food product to anyone’s food, ever. Some people don’t share this ethic. If you object to the delivery charge policy (as I’m sure the driver does) and choose to tip poorly, order again, and leave the same guy alone with your food for who knows how long, be my guest. I just hope you don’t cop a 'tude with the driver. They remember. I can take you on a tour of the neighborhood I used to deliver in 12 years ago and point out most of the good tipping houses and almost all of the houses that never tipped.

The drivers you tip well will love you, the ones that you penalize for their employers’ policies… not so much.