Tire alignment advice/opinions sought

Just got some new tires put on by a highly rated installer. The guy showed me the uneven wear on my old tires and I confirmed with my dealership that it had been a long time since my last alignment, so I had the guy go ahead and align the new ones. He showed me on his computer screen how in order to get one of the rear tires properly aligned, he would have to adjust the rear camber on that tire to the minimum of the specified range (-2.3°) in order to accomplish this. After doing this, he showed me how if I looked in a straight line from behind the car, I could see that the back tire was at a slightly steeper angle than the front.

This was the only tire that he had to do such a “severe” adjustment on.

Should I be concerned about this? It kind of didn’t help that on his screen, that tire’s “data” was in bright red, which to me says “worry about this.”

I have the paper that has all of the before/after data on it, but it kind of looks like greek to me. I could share some of that data, but you’ll have to tell me which numbers you need to see…

The red/green color scheme is a quick and easy way for a mechanic to tell at a glance whether something is in or out of spec (manufacturer’s specifications). Keep in mind that guys doing alignments are constantly under the car, wheeling around on a stool, making rather involved and somewhat finicky adjustments, and need to be able to tell at 15-20 feet whether they are within the tolerances.

If your guy didn’t mention any damaged worn suspension/steering components, and your printout displays your car’s alignment versus that recommended by the manufacturer (and those, presumably, are in agreement) you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

And I’ll bet your a plug nickel the offending tire was on the right side.

What this particular printout shows is “actual”, “before”, and “specified range”.

It was. How did you know? Because the weight of the driver is on the front left? Or because the gas tank is on the right rear? (my WAGs)