Tire pump for my scooter.

My scooter is a Burgman 650. It has larger tires than most scooters, and I think a pump for motor cycles would be best. I’ve looked at, and used, bicycle pumps and I’m sure those would be inadequate.
I’d like to know what motorcycle riders use. This?

I use my aqualung, with a tire-filler attached to the regulator.

Are you looking for something that you can take with you (to use in case of a roadside emergency) or something to keep at home to top off the tire pressure as needed?

I’ve never used it, but how about a can of “Fix-A-Flat” for emergencies? Inflates the tire and seals the puncture, you can find it for a few bucks at any auto store.

If you want something for home use I’d look at getting an inexpensive air compressor from your local home improvement store. Runs of wall current. For a couple of dollars you can get the little attachment to inflate tires - I use mine for my truck all the time. The bonus is that you can use it for the designed purpose - driving air-powered tools (nailers, staplers, etc) which is mighty nice for home improvement work.

CO2 cartridges suck. It takes a bunch to get any useful pressure in your tire, and if you’ve screwed up the plug job, then you waste your CO2 cartridges filling a leaky tire, and then you’re screwed. Best bet is to have a pump with you so you can try again if your first attempt at repair doesn’t hold air.

I recommend the Slime Pump. This is a portable pump, comes with its own carrying case and a couple of connectors so that you can plug it into a cigarette lighter socket, or clip it right to your vehicle’s battery. It’s compact enough to fit in a motorcycle’s hard luggage, and presumably in whatever storage compartment your Burgman has. I (and many fellow touring motorcyclists) carry one on my bike.

There are quite a number of flat-tire repair kits for tubeless tires, but the cheap, simple “sticky-rope” plug kits you can buy at auto parts stores for a few bucks seem to be pretty reliable. I carry one of these on my bike along with my Slime pump.

Oh good. I’ll get me one of those. :wink:

I checked the slime out at several places, including webbikeworld with varying results. I went with the AirMan largely because of the easy to read gauge.
Thanks for the lead.