Title/performer of hockey song

The few times I was at Maple Leaf Gardens they played a song about hockey and I’d like to find out the title/performer of.

It’s a country song (and no, it is NOT “The Hockey Song” by Stompin’ Tom) that’s a parody of “I’ve been everywhere”. The scenario is this guy’s visiting some other country/countries and when they find out that he’s from Canada, they ask “Do you play hockey?” The singer replies “Do I play hockey? Well I play . . .” and then launches into a patter along the lines of “I play ice hockey, street hockey, ball hockey, etc. etc.”



Apparently it is called Hockey Song by the group Jughead, at least according to this article on Jughead’s website

Of course, you probably just want to listen to it (RealPlayer)

Thanks alot!

I saw them live a few years back. Pretty funny stuff. They did a cover of Motorhead’s Ace of Spades. The Hockey Song is on a couple of cds including their own release, a release by the Hockey Hall of Fame and Puck Rock Vol.1, which is the (musical) Hanson Brothers (who are basically Nomeansno) first hockey themed punk rock compilation. I believe they have two out at this point. I haven’t heard the second but the first one is pretty good… they even have an Australian band on it. Hmmm…