Titos Vodka is better than your vodka

handmade in Austin, TX and filtered many times over, Tito’s is what you should be drinking. Unless you are Muslim, in which case, dont drink it.

Do they make spam, also?

no, I dont even work for 'em. Just drink the shit out of 'em and like to share good stuff.



Meh, it’s okay for mixed drinks. Straight out of the freezer I prefer Lone Star Vodka (no connection to that foul concoction known as Lone Star Beer).

Vodka? piffle. Might as well be chuggin out of the nozzle at the local gas station.

Tequila is where its at!

The best vodka is made by J&L distilling company http://www.jldistilling.com/

They have a mass spectrometer in their distillery too prove their vodka is nothing but ethanol and water.

What’s their motto? “All of the alcohol with none of the flavor”?

My flavorless alcohol is better than your flavorless alcohol.

Really, it’s all about the trace impurities, my trace impurities are better than yours, or there are less of them, or more of them, I forget.

:sips very dry vodka martini, aka “Vodka with Olive”

I’m reminded of Don Rickles’ comment about making a movie (“Kelly’s Heroes”) in Yugoslavia, and why there was nothing to do after a day of shooting footage: “Tito had the car.”

I always figured if vodka tastes like anything, it’s not vodka; it’s gin. Now, gin, that’s worth drinking! Not as good as bourbon, but gin is good.

Pretty much. That and you can drink it at room temperature and it still tastes like nothing. Since vodka is required to have less than 4% flavoring components at 100 proof and closer to 3% at normal percentages. If your vodka has flavor you’re doing it wrong.

The TTB defines vodka as a neutral spirit made from any material, distilled above 95% ABV, then "treated after distillation with charcoal or other materials, as to be without distinctive character, aroma, taste, or color.

What’s with all those flavored vodkas? I swear I saw a “banana cream pie” vodka the other day.

The flavoured stuff seems geared towards college kids and emotionally damaged housewives.

That’s aimed at the clown market.

Lots of flavored vodkas are junk made to sell to college kids hoping to get girls drunk, but there’s good ones out there. Effen Cucumber is one of the few I think is worth trying; an ounce or two of that in a tall glass topped up with soda is one of my favorite drinks on a hot summer day.

Gin is pretty much flavored vodka, but it’s a specific range of flavor.

There are liquors that show skill, quality and craftsmanship in the pleasure they provide with every sip, and then there are liquors other than bourbon.

Addresses would be nice. :slight_smile:

I saw Glazed Donut vodka on the shelf.

On the shelf is where it remained.