Vodka, anyone?

A take-off on the Martini and Gin threads…

I started off, drinking Absolute, before I knew any better.

Then switched to Stoli.

Then it was Belvedere because that’s what my then gf (now wife) kept in the fridge, with lemons.

Now we enjoy Tito’s. I find it very pleasant.

Recently I tried Ketel One over ice with a twist. Surprisingly good.


Tito’s! It’s the new default vodka around Casa Silenus. When we finish off the bottle of Skyy this weekend (Bloody Marys and Screwdrivers. I love weekends off!) there will only be Tito’s and a gift bottle of Grey Goose in the liquor cabinet.

Luksusowa is pretty much my standard vodka, but, like gin, I’m not a huge vodka drinker. Tanqueray’s Sterling vodka was also much loved in my Polish family. Tito’s is quite good, and Grey Goose…well, I just don’t understand why it’s so highly regarded.

Personally, though, Zubrowka (bison grass vodka) is my vodka drink, but I’m assuming the OP is looking for the straight stuff.

Let me introduce you to Dry Fly

Anyone who likes Tito’s should try Dripping Springs. Both are made near Austin, TX.

Have you tried a Chesley Sullenberger? That’s two shots of Grey Goose and a splash!

You might try Indiana Vodka; it’s distilled from corn, and has a hint of toasted corn.

What are the differences between vodkas? In my limited experience, there’s not much (anything?) in the way of flavor in an unflavored vodka; it’s all about how close or far from rubbing alcohol they seem when consumed.

Are there actual flavors? I’ve never noticed much of anything.

My recommendation is always Russian Standard Vodka.

It’s priced at around $20 per bottle.

I used to like Monopolowa for being an authentic Polish potato vodka. It was cheap and has an interesting, subtle flavor.

I think Belvedere is probably the best of all (again, a traditional Polish vodka), though my vodka-tippling pal prefers Chopin, another Polish vodka.

I tried cake flavored vodka at one point. Yes, it is wedding-cake flavored right out of the bottle, has to be tried to be believed. Pinnacle or Three Olives brand, I can’t remember which anymore, but do Not waste your money on UV brand.

Then this curiosity, like a fly to the bug zapper, brought me to Stoli Blueberry. It’s nectar, folks. Actually too good- I got wasted because of Stoli Blueberry, maybe twice in too short a period, and my gf got pissed and dumped it down the sink. I could either take a stand for getting wasted or reform my ways.

So now I mostly drink LaCroix, and don’t drink vodka (or alcohol at all) much anymore. Don’t end up like me, draw the line at the cake flavor!

Because it’s double the price, comes in a fancy looking bottle, it’s from France, and, primarily, people are suckers.

I’m a Stoli guy. Not because it’s particularly good, frankly I can’t really tell the difference between it and just about anything that doesn’t come in a plastic bottle, but I used to work with a Russian guy many years ago. He didn’t speak a word of English, but we bummed each other smokes and gave a friendly nod whenever we passed by each other, and every Christmas he gave me a 1 liter bottle of Stolichnaya. I never even knew his real name (we dubbed him “Eugene” for some reason).

Svedka’s decent, and cheap. It’s my go-to buy for parties. Nobody complains.