Tivo: transfering to new unit

My Tivo unit (S2) is failing, so I’m getting a new one (S3). Is there any way to transfer unsaved programs to the new unit? How about Season Passes?

Have a look here, if the answer isn’t already there someone will know exactly how to do it.

Set up TiVo desktop on your computer and transfer the files there. When you get your new TiVo, transfer them back. If you don’t have TiVo-to-go set up on your S2 already, this would be a good opportunity - it’s very useful.

Unfortunately, last I checked (when I got my S3 in June), the S3 doesn’t support TivoToGo yet. It was planned for later this year, I think. I haven’t kept up on it since then, but the link above should have the latest news.