TLC needs a new idea for a show

How about this:

A family of midgets with 7 kids who are ghost hunters.
Starring Rob Schneider, rated PG-13

What They Really Wear

Featuring Stacy in Daisy Dukes and a tube top

Clinton in a flannel shirt and strip pants.


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Am I Having Orgasms?

Ooo, I’ve got one: a family of midgets with 27 kids (some of whom are adopted), the youngest of which are exploited in child beauty pagents. Occasionally, one of the older kids will consume some inedible object, creating the required medical drama.

While making over houses with snippy designers.

Oooh, Ooh, I’ve got a wacky idea. How about an entertaining, yet educational show about how the world actually works. They could take common misconceptions about history, science, and culture and clear things up in a humorous, yet factual way.

To keep things interesting, they’ll have to blow something up at the end of each episode.

Howabout they take that Indonesian guy turning into a tree, Dede Koswara, and have endangered bird species nest in him.