TLC Tugger? Did I just see that?

The Yourskin cone to keep the glans shiny and sensitive, it’s one of the fine brands supporting this fine SDMB. :rolleyes: Whats next? Do it yourself vaginoplasties?

Oh I’m sure it’s two click SFW. On what forum page did I see that ad posted? hrmm,it was in IMHO.

Is it getting that bad, Ed?

Nope. I googled it to see what you’re talking about, and right there was a big tumescent wang on my monitor.

Neither the Chicago Reader nor the SDMB administration have any control whatsoever over the Google ad content.

John Dean Tyler gets his revenge on the SDMB.

Why not? Did they forget their Google password? You can easily block offensive ads from Google Adsense. They just don’t seem to care.

Oddly enough, I don’t see any google ads for this thread

That was so my first thought.

Damn you for getting there before me. :stuck_out_tongue:

The what-cone now? “Yourskin”?

I’m afraid to ask, but have to know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t google it here at work…maybe someone can 'splain?

It’s a device for stretching the skin from the shaft of the penis over the head of the penis, thereby “recreating” the foreskin. And it only takes 42 months of tugging.



My bowels are a little quivery from that. I saw, “stretching the skin from the shaft of the penis over the head of the penis” before I read the part about it taking 42 months. Still, yikes!

Sure, but someone has to tell them about the offensive ad. I doubt they have anyone sitting around checking out all the ads.

Maybe they could get rid of the Google Ads altogether…

Only 42 months! So little effort for so…much…gain…

On second thought, count me out.

Wow, there’s even a movie! That just ain’t right. I find the demo video about as disturbing as knowing that there are teenage girls who cut themselves…

Are you talking about Google? I’m talking about the SDMB. The SDMB administration can easily get the URL of an offensive ad like the OP saw, log in to their Google Adsense control panel, paste it in the ad filter, and voila.

Do they have to be notified that it’s there first?

Again with the pronouns? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re talking about the SDMB, we’ve notified them. They told us The Reader has no editorial control over what Google displays as ads. Unless the SDMB has some special set up with Google Adsense that no one else seems to have, that’s incorrect. I’m just speaking from my own experience, of course. I have no first-hand knowledge of how this place is run.

If you’re talking about Google, there’s no point reporting most of the “offensive” ads to them, as they’re not technically offensive. Insulting to our intelligence and against the supposed mission of the SDMB, yes, but not offensive as far as Google is concerned.

You’re sitting too close to the computer again, eh?

I’ve been tugging on those bastards for years and haven’t been able to tell any difference. Maybe a stronger grip?

Time for an upgrade? They haven’t made computers for years.