TMI Alert!! But need advice on stopping blood

Ok, you were warned.
Apparently I have irritated or somehow severed a “skin tag” in my perineal region. I’ve been trying to get it to stop bleeding since 6:45am. It seems to slow down, and then start up again.
Anyone have any suggestions? Obviously I can’t go to work and sit in a chair all day, so I need to know if there is something I can apply, or just need to wait it out.

Moving from MPSIMS to IMHO, home of the TMI and medical advice.

i’ve had those on my neck and right at the bra line under both breasts and have had all of them removed for one reason or another.

the problem with skin tags is that they grow a link to your regular blood supply and therefore when severed at the surface of your skin, won’t stop bleeding without some medical intervention, like freezing.

i’d say call your doc, tell them what you have going on and that it won’t stop bleeding and go get it properly treated once and for all. if not, it’ll just grow back and cause more trouble. none of mine have ever returned after being treated.

I should clarify - I’m on the road and stuck in a hotel, without access to my personal doctor. I can go to some urgent-care facility, but it’s just not that MUCH blood. It’s just annoying that I can’t get it to quit for any length of time.

rubbing or drinking alcohol will stop small bleeding. pressure with your finger will stop bleeding and leave long enough to form scab (few minutes), hopefully scab doesn’t come off when removing finger. clean up gently to not remove scab and don’t rub later.

Some traditional remedies to stop small, not-emergency kinds of bleeding include:

Styptic pencil, sometimes available near shaving supplies at a drugstore. You’ll have better luck at a privately owned “Mom ‘n’ Pop” drugstore than a Walgreens. If there’s half an inch of dust on their shelves, they’ll have a styptic pencil!

Witch hazel, an astringent herb sold in liquid form at all drugstores. Easy to find, cheap. It will burn like the dickens, though, because it’s in an alcohol base.

Cayenne pepper - Drink 1 tsp mixed in a cup of hot water. Yes, drink. This is an internal remedy for an external problem, but it works startlingly quickly.

Yarrow flowers. Chances are actually pretty good that there’s some growing outside your hotel. It likes full sun and sandy/rocky soil, so look near the dumpster out back or at the edges of the parking lot. Rub the flower and/or leaves (flowers have more of the active ingredient, but leaves will work, too, especially if the plant hasn’t flowered yet) between your palms and press on the bleeding area. Hold it there for 5 minutes. If yarrow doesn’t cause it to clot, you need an urgent care, because you’ve got yourself a little nicked artery that won’t stop without cautery or a stitch or two.

I actually take a cayenne pepper pill with my meals. I took my lunch pill 15 minutes ago and the bleeding has stopped. I’m still going to watch it closely. I have a styptic pencil - AT HOME. I keep forgetting to pack the bugger.

All bleeding stops.


Pet supply stores (Petsmart, Petco) usually have styptic pencils near the claw clippers.

Black pepper.
Yes the kind you put on your food.
It sounds like it will sting like hell but you won’t feel a thing and it works suprisingly well in an emergency.

Hold something on it to stop the flow of blood, and lie down. That last part is important. Sitting or standing adds gravity to the normal effects of blood pressure preventing the blood from clotting properly. A styptic pencil or alcohol will help staunch the flow, so will an ice cube, or just holding something against it. This is why I prefer to strangle any sizable skin tag, some of them are bleeders.

They aren’t necessary. I accidentally got my dog’s toe when trimming his nails once. After a panicked call to the emergency vet, I learned a new trick: Put about an inch of flour in a shallow bowl. Make dog step in flour. Make sure flour packs into the wound, thus stopping the bleeding.

Watch out for a trail of little floury pawprints all over your floors for a few minutes.

To the OP: I have a mole right on my bikini line. I occasionally slice right into it when shaving. I just slap on a panty liner and go around like that until the bleeding stops. It sounds like you are a guy, but I promise nobody will know if you slapped a panty liner inside your manpanties until the bleeding stopped.

Good luck with that.

Ouch!! and I popped in to suggest ice but TriPolar beat me to it. Obviously be careful not to hold the ice in place too long - you don’t want to risk freezer burn / frostbite. But the cold will constrict the blood vessens and hopefully help the bleeding to stop.

Probably oughta avoid jogging, bungee-jumping etc., basically anything more strenuous than couch-surfing until it’s stopped for a day or so.

Quik-clot. You can find it on Amazon, etc. Works like a charm, but not cheap. They might carry it at better outdoor supply stores too.

don’t do it, bro! You’d never live down camel-toe. And if it fell out during your big presentation? New nickname time!:smiley:

If you had me on the phone I would have recommended putting flour or corn starch into something small like a thimble and just pressing the contents to the nail. Or even just a little teaspoon sized pile into a paper towel and press that to the nail. No mess!

I’ve also used corn starch in lieu of styptic on myself for small bleeding parts. (to stay on topic)

:: forehead smack ::

Now, why oh why can’t YOU work at my emergency vet? Huh?

Ziploc baggie would have worked great.

And if the bleeding hasn’t stopped by the time you go online, do a search, order it and have it delivered, you most likely won’t have to worry about reordering it.

Well, the Op didn’t say “need answer fast!” :stuck_out_tongue: