tmi: feck! I have got my period

Got my period last weekend coz my antibiotics mess with the pill I’m on (stupid tooth). Greeaat… bleeding like all get go, cramps, sore boobs and overemotional and borderline psychotic for a day or two. All done bar the shouting by Thursday. Yay.

Get up this morning a guess what - all of the friken above with an extra dose of what I suspect is woozy from low iron. Gah!

Please tell me your worst story to help me feel better (though the fact that it took 5 years before someone finally twigged that there was a connection between my MONTHLY psych admissions and me getting my period is hard to beat)

I’ve had my period since New Year’s Day. I think I may be going through peri-menopause at 44. So, not only have I been bleeding for 27 days, I’m also struggling with most likely never having children… Hope you feel better soon!

Prolonged periods aren’t really a symptom of perimenopause, but they can be a symptom of ovarian cancer and other scary things. I would suggest that you see a doctor.

madrabbitwoman, the bad news is that I’ve had what you’ve experienced happen to me twice: one right around the only time I got bronchitis and once after an extreme amount of stress. The good news is that it’s only happened twice and the incidents were about 15 years apart.

I’ve known multiple women in RL who learned they were entering menopause during an extended period. All had to see a doctor, though, because their periods didn’t go away without short term hormone treatment.

You can have prolonged periods as you approach menopause, due to skipping of ovulation, but not commonly as a symptom of perimenopause itself. They are very commonly a symptom of polyps, cancer, abnormal thyroid levels, and other things.

Medical anecdotes and advice go in IMHO, so let me move this for you (from MPSIMS).

My periods used to last 7-8 days. My periods were so painful that…

One time I beat my head against the wall just to feel better.

Every month it felt like I was giving birth.

One time it felt like I was giving birth thru my boob. There are no “arch-backed cat” exercises for that.

When my doctor finally told me I needed a hysterectomy I almost got down and kissed his feet.

There! Feel better now?

My periods are so bad I went through natural childbirth and thought it no worse than menstrual cramps. You really should see a doctor just in case though as it can be a sign of other problems as has been stated in this thread. I have endo. Womenhood is not as easy as it looks.

Don’t listen to the snake next time.

I’m kidding. Really.

Please don’t beat me.

Sorry…off topic; but, LavenderBlue, did you get your username from Elizabeth Berg’s “Open House?”

I did, too. That was my ticket to relief.

I ask the goddesses everyday for some reason to have a hysterectomy! I’m 48 and not even peri-menopausing yet. SHIT. And of-course I went through my whole un-productive reproductive life with virtually no monthly symptoms. Until I turned about 40. Now I can sleep for two days a couple of days prior I’m so tired and have really bad cramps and way heavier periods than I used to. FUN stuff.

Feel better yet?


still like clockwork every 21-26 days. alternating cycles of bloody macabre. The gory of it all struck last cycle when the 15yo was experiencing a bloodbath as well.

normal so far…excpet for baby fever on my brain.:eek:


I have PCOS so I only get a period every four to six months but believe me, I make up for lost time. I’ve had them last a month many times. The cramps are so bad from my heel to my neck I thought for a while I had sciatica. I find myself despondent and my usually tamed by zoloft anxiety becomes overwhelming. And then there’s the weird overactive salivary gland thing. Anyone else have this? That’s actually how I know I’ll be starting within a day or two. My daughter is the same way.
The day before it starts all symptoms cease and I feel giddy. And horny.
And then BAM!
But the period itself isn’t anything more than a mild annoyance.

Could be worse. You could be knocked up.


I got mine twice last month. Once the beginning of the month, around the 7th, like I usually do, then one on the 23rd. This month, got it around the 23…am 41, so at least they are getting shorter…sorry if tmi, still throwing clots alot.