(TMI) Getting Mirena on Thursday

I think the next step my doctor would do would be doing it at an outpatient place and really drugging me up something fierce (I’m assuming a Demoral/Verced drip type deal).

Though if it doesn’t work with the softener, I may just quell my fears about general anesthetic an just get my tubes tied.

I wish you the best of luck. I kind of wish I’d persisted but DAMN that hurt.

If that’s on the table, why isn’t he getting snipped? Outpatient, less invasive, FAR more effective…

I am one of the few (it seems) where the Mirena was a horrible experience in my life. I had never been pregnant but they gave me one anyways. I went into a bit of shock during the insertion, but was fine by the next day. The Doctor made a comment during the insertion that I was “just big enough.” I thought all was well until my next period came around. I had the worst most debilitating cramps I have ever had. My period was heavier and longer. Now, I have always had relatively mild periods so maybe I was spoiled, but it felt like someone was jabbing a knife into my uterus and occasionally giving it a wiggle. It was even worse after sex if I orgasmed. This went on for three weeks out of the month for four months before I had it removed. I couldn’t take it anymore.

My sister had a similar experience when she had one in before pregnancy and had it removed within a few months. She got another after having her daughter and all is hunky-dory now.

I am not trying to discourage you, but I just want to let you know that everyone talks about how awesome and wonderful they are (and safe to get before pregnancy), and for most women that seems to be the case, but no one told me how bad it could be so I wanted to just give yo up heads up. Especially if they are having a hard time with insertion. I switched backed to the Nuva Ring which works fine for me.

We haven’t been together long enough that I wanted to bring that up. But if the second attempt doesn’t work, maybe I’ll bring it up as an option.

Nefarious I’m hoping I don’t have those issues. But since I’m never going to have children, I’ll never know :slight_smile:

Nefarious’s post also reminded me of something.

One of my friends from college (not really close, call her “Elle”) had a copper IUD, and swore up down and sideways about how great it was. She was a good part of the reason I was so determined to get one myself.

Fast forward more than a few years, and a couple of replacements and kids later, and another friend in common told me in passing that “Elle” had a post on her Facebook just recently that she was having awful pains and periods with her IUD this time around, and was raving about whatever pill formation it is that lets you skip all your periods instead.

So - even if it works for you one time around, once kids and age and chemicals change around a bit, it isn’t guaranteed to work the next time.

I’m pretty sure that a gynecologist can have you take any birth control pill continuously, as long as it’s not the type where you get a different dose each week to help simulate a “natural” cycle or something. I was on Yasmin/Ocella continuously but was under the impression that neither was “special” in that way.

The info I got is at least third-hand, possibly worse (acquaintance’s doctor/adverstisement-Facebook-friend-me-messageboard-you)… :smiley:

…but the impression I got was that the whatever-it-was was being specifically marketed and sold in packets that provided continuous coverage, rather than the GYN or the person taking it having to “skip” a section of pills or prescribe the next batch “early” to achieve the same result.

On checking websites, perhaps she was talking about Lybrel or Seasonique? Dunno - but it sounds like a good (if late) decision by the FDA to finally agree that bleeding once a month isn’t actually necessary for anything other than being fertile.

I’d still rather a Mirena or IUD so I don’t have to remember a daily pill, but I could get behind something that also killed off my periods.

I was a lucky Mirena person who didn’t have periods at all while I had it. I’m in-between methods at the moment, and I truly forgot how unpleasant it is to go through that every month. Yeesh.

Oh yeah, Seasonique is the one I recall being marketed as the “4 periods a year!” version. I wonder how much that costs compared to just continuing to take the pill.

I used to think I would be paranoid as crap if I wasn’t getting a period. Turns out, I’m pretty darned thrilled about it.

Attempt number two scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I have they Cytotec, a 2.5mg Ativan, and will take the 800mg of Advil and pray that this all works and I will have some plastic swimming in my uterus by tomorrow evening.

I’ll think relaxing thoughts in the general direction of your cervix tomorrow. Open, open, open!

Now I’m picturing someone standing with their nose up against my cervix saying “Open, open, open” like that old Mervyns (??) commercial. :smiley:

Success!! I do, indeed, have some plastic swimming in my uterus.

The insertion of the sound hurt like a motherfucker, but I just gripped my boyfriends hands tighter, and tried to steady my breathing (and concentrated in not letting loose with a string of profanity).

Once the sound was in as far as it needed to go, the insertion of the Mirena was a snap. I thought it would be even more painful because it’s thicker than the sound, but apparently the sound blazed the trail and the doctor said it was in before I had a chance to even get ready for pain.

They did a quick ultrasound after to make sure it was in place and I was on the road in less. All said, I was in their office less than 30 minutes. And it should be covered with just the co-pay.

I’m a little hungover from the Ativan and a little crampy (but actually less so than I am with normal period cramps) and I’m cleared to play tennis tomorrow and have sex on Saturday. :cool:

Awesome! So glad to hear that did the trick.


Tennis will probably be fine, but be aware that happytimes might result in a little cramping around your wee plastic alien. Took me a few months for it to settle happily enough in there that orgasms didn’t cause cramping. Kind of a catch 22, now I can have the sex, but the sex causes ouchies. It doesn’t happen to everyone, mind you, but if it does happen rest assured that this too shall pass.

Hurray! Congratuations on your new hardware!

Cramping is mostly non-existent now, but I swear I know exactly where that sucker is in my uterus. I’m sure it’s just my imagination. Standing and lying down is more comfortable than sitting - that’s when I feel that I can tell exactly where it’s located. I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

Period hasn’t stopped but normally it wouldn’t have stopped yet anyway. I’m hoping I don’t spot/bleed for the next 3 months as the doctor warned I might.

I wish you luck. There is nothing better then a Mirena that is working as it should and nothing worse then one that isn’t.

PS My sister, kkrose, accidentally posted as me upthread. I am the sister she spoke of who had one pre and post baby.

Congratulations on you plastic baby (as one of my friends calls it)!