TMI re: my uterus (Men, you have been forewarned)

I’m not entirely certain I should be concerned, so I’m soliciting opinions before I pester my OBGYN about it.

This month, I started with a super light period. Then, when it looked like it’d be over on day 7, I accidentally got my cervix bumped a little harder than I was expecting. Cue my period turning into my normal “not quite heavy, definitely not light” levels. I’m on day 12 now, and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping all that soon. I feel fine otherwise and I’m not having any unpleasant symptoms at this point. (Note: I’m prone to irregular periods, weird symptoms and all sorts of uterine craziness, hence why I’m not sure I should be concerned at all.)

With what did you accidentally get your cervix bumped, exactly?

My, uh, husband.

Uh, guess. :stuck_out_tongue: (Edit: Too slow! Been bruised similarly, myself.)

Me, I’d probably go ahead and call, and at least talk to a nurse. That flow level sounds kind of high, and it might just be a coincidence, but regardless of cause it might be important to be looked at.

Uteruses are so stupid. After almost 2 decades of not having a period at all, I had my period for about 6 months straight last year, and then kept getting it when it shouldn’t come (ie not during the placebo pills). So I basically had my period all the time for a year.

Tests were done, and done again, and I consulted with a VIP doc from the Cleveland and in the end the answer was “female hormones are weird and often unpredictable. Let’s hope it stops!” And then it did stop.

Seriously, after all that.

But you can’t ever assume that’s the answer, you know? You can’t assume you’re not being overrun by fibroids or on the brink of uterine cancer or having a botched pregnancy or whatever. You just don’t know.

So I say don’t panic but do see the doc. Are you on the pill? If nothing else they can mess with the pills to at least make it stop. 12 days is too many days, just for sanity’s sake!

See your gyno, who can give you an exam and work-up as needed. That is too long to be bleeding. Maybe it’s just hormonal, maybe it’s something else. Keep us posted, and I hope it gets better for you.

Did he trip?

Don’t answer that. He’s a cop.

Decades ago, after I stopped using BC pills, I had periods about every other week. And I felt generally horrible. I had to have a D & C to sort of “clean out” everything. (At the time I definitely was not, and had never been, pregnant.)

My vote is to consult your gynecologist. Besides the inconvenience, this could make you anemic.

Decades ago for me too, but I’d been bleeding (very light, but a few degrees above spotting) for about 4 months. A D & C was curative for me as well: nothing untoward was found upon biopsy.

I’d start being concerned in a couple of weeks, unless the bleeding is significant enough to worry about anaemia in which case I’d mention it to my GP now.

Good luck!