TMI: Ringworm (Jock Itch) Suffering...

Disclamier: I’m alreay under the care of a physician. I’m not seaking medical advice, just opinions and experiences to ease my worries.

After a misdiagnosis by a Physician Assistant as a bacterial infection, it looks like I finally have the right treatment for Tinea cruris on my butt and leg. My dermotologist has me on both a Ketoconazole topical and oral. How long before this goes away? The derm said a week, but I have my doubts. It’s now cleared in the center and has an ever shifting ring spreading out (which I’ve read as normal). It’s quite an embarrassing ailment.

Um…aren’t jock itch and ringworm two different things? I was always under the impression that jock itch was yeast and ringworm was something different.

Jock Itch is a type of ringworm…

To be honest the Derm, just called it a fungal infection.

Make sure you wash all your bedclothes and underwear in hot water to avoid catching it again. Same goes for towels and washcloths until it clears up – one use and then wash in hot water.