What exactly is Jock Itch?

So I’m watching ESPN (in a manly man way) last night and along comes your standard add for a product to combat the dreaded ‘Jock Itch’.

Suddenly it occurs to me that, despite my nearly 36 years (13 days to go) on this earth, I still have absolutely no idea what ‘Jock Itch’ is.

I’m assuming it’s got something horrible to do with weenies but I couldn’t for the life of me tell someone what.

Anyone want to, such as it is, clue me in?

Tinea crucis, a fungal infection – athlete’s foot, basically, except that it ain’t your feet…

It’s also called tinea cruris…it’s a fungal infection of the groin.

According to The Merck Manual, page 804, jock itch is tinea cruris,

In short, a fungal skin infection.

Hope this helps.

And it itches.

IANA Pharmacist/Physician, but it’s my understanding that when looking for over the counter remedies for jock itch, one can substitute athlete’s foot medication, which is typically much cheaper than the jock itch products.

Thanks for the technical info, folks.

I suppose I was looking for something a little more ‘symptoms’ oriented. With all the ads I’ve seen it seems like your weenie should be in danger of falling off or something.

And, for that matter, I don’t think I’ve ever had ‘Athlete’s Foot’ so the sites that say ‘related to Athlete’s Foot’ are begging the question for me.

I had a hard time bringing myself to type “Jock Itch” into google and then press “I’m Feeling Lucky” right afterwards.

Well, damn, son, why didn’t you say so?

According to the Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2003, page 97,

Geez, what language was that? :smiley:

I had jock-itch mumblety-mumble years ago. It didn’t affect the scrotum or the penis, so you probably needn’t worry too much. The symptoms I experienced where redness and severe itching in the ‘crease’ where the scrotum meets the leg … And if you think athelete’s foot can be annoying, try sitting in a high-school classroom trying desperately to refrain from scratching at an irresistable itch in your groinal area …

Dude, you ought to see some of the words I left out.