TN Sex-Ed for First graders. Just call it a bo-bo?

Hi Teeming Millions,
Hopefully you can all help me out here. My boyfriend, who grew up in Tennessee, swears that while he was in the first grade (1981-82) his class was shown a very odd video. This video , among other things, was supposed to teach the children how to politelly refer to the male and female genital regions, without using slang. According to this video, men have a penis, and women have a bo-bo! They went on to sing a little song , ala Schoolhouse Rock style, to help the kids remember this. Now, I find myself skeptical that this video was indeed shown to first graders, if just for the ridiculousness of calling it a Bo-bo, and want to find independent verification of my boyfriends memory.

So, I told him I would ask the teeming millions, for they know everything! So, does this video exist, was it shown to first graders in Tennessee, and where did they get bo-bo from? Please, help us out, otherwise I will be forced to conclude that my boyfriend has hallucinated the entire thing :).


Maybe they said “vulva” and he misinterpreted it as “bo-bo”. I misinterpreted a lot of words when I was that age, but then I had a slight hearing problem.

Have you tried going to Google and searching for the words “sex” and “video”? You’re bound to get at least a few hits. :wink:

Is the question, “Did my boyfriend see this video?” or “Did they refer to it as a ‘bo-bo’?”

I don’t think your boyfriend hallucinated the whole thing. It’s possible he saw such a video in 1981.

It’s most likely he misheard “vulva” as “bo-bo”. I doubt that a serious sex education curriculum would use the scientific term for one organ and a cutesy slang term for the other.

Welcome to the Straight Dope, Jeeves! :smiley: This can be a starting point for you in your Quest to One-Up the BF, and a good lesson in using a search engine. I found this by searching Google under things like “sex education video” (which brought up stuff like “World’s Biggest Cum-Soaked Website!” :rolleyes: Arnold, you are SUCH a comedian :smiley: ) and “sex education Tennessee” and “mandated sex education”. I found this specific cite by using Search Within Results for “mandated sex education” and adding “Tennessee”.

It’s two “n”, two “s”, two “e”, Tennessee.

Go for it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying everyone. I have consulted with my BF and had him check out this thread, and he still insists that the film he saw in first grade referred to the female region as a bo-bo. He says that he quite clearly remembers it and that all of the children were using it on the playground. Since I don’t want to doubt him (Love you honey :slight_smile: ), I am going to ask his father if he remembers anything like this next time he talks to his dad. Though if anyone who lived in Sevierville, TN in 1981 remember any controversy about a situation similar to this, I would love to hear from you.

Duck Duck Goose, thanks for the the research on google, I though I was pretty good with a search engine, but you are a goddess!

Arnold, you goof, you get 2,340,000 results when searching on sex and video. I am slowly working my way through, but it might take me awhile :wink: Wanna help?

Thanks for all the help everyone, I look fwd to sticking around the Straight Dope for awhile.