To all the, "Trump is the peace candidate, Hillary will get us in to war," people...

Yeah, but we almost elected a person who sent emails via an alternative server. We saved the nation! :rolleyes:

I’d had a longstanding crush on Susan Sarandon. 2016 took care of that.

“Trump is the peace candidate”

Funny. I cannot recall hearing those words in that order before.

It was a bit of Russian propaganda that was spread by useful idiots e.g. Trump: Peace Candidate?

Clinton was certainly more hawkish than I’d like, and I thought that there was a real risk that, under her presidency, we’d end up in a war with Iran or North Korea or somewhere.

But at the same time, I was also afraid that, under Trump, we’d end up in a war with Mexico or Delaware. I mean, I didn’t think either was likely, but the fact that either was ever even possible is terrifying.

So I guess he’s still doing better than the worst-case scenario, but he’s also right on Clinton’s worst-case scenario, and going downhill.

Yeah, This asshole…

Meanwhile, there was *so * godsamned stupid here, I couldn’t pick just one.

Maureen Dud gets paid for that. No, really!

The economy is fine, though that generally has little to do with the president and waaay too much credit/blame is given to the president in that regard. I guess you can say he hasn’t done enough to tank the economy? That’s about the best I can come up with.

What aggravates me about this whole situation is: Trump rolled the dice with American lives and he won BIG.

Trump killed a powerful Iranian leader, and all Iran got was a damaged military base.


I loathe Trump and would have voted for Hillary if I were American… but I can’t deny that Hillary is a known hawk and would have been reasonable to assume she’d continue being one as president. With Trump, not being a hawk really seemed like his only quality. Until last week at least.

I feel the same, but not because I want people to get hurt. I’m disturbed he won because it will embolden him to roll the dice again, and again, and again, until someone really does get hurt.

The game is just beginning.

With all due respect, this seems rather short-sighted of you.

Iran’s real retaliation will be in pushing the Americans out of Iraq in humiliating fashion. It’s a long-term goal of theirs which, in the light of what has happened, now seems far more likely to succeed than ever before.

Bernie Bro and the Enlightened Centrists would be a great Band name.
HA! I’ve always wanted to do one of those.

Yabbut it’s like his opening roll put him on Chance, and the card sent him over to Boardwalk, allowing him to buy it.

More like sending him to Free Parking, only it’s not house rules, so there’s no money for landing on it and the game is in the early going but people still act like it’s somehow a big win.

Meh. Y’all know perfectly well that if Hillary had been elected and had done exactly what Trump did, the SDMB would be applauding her courage and statesmanship.


Dunno. He got away with talking about grabbing women by the crotch, but doubt that she would have.

It’s cool how the only arguments you have left at this point are imaginary things. I can see why, it’s easier not to get curb-stomped by reality.

And you know perfectly well that Trump scrapping the JCPOA precipitated this crisis, which Hillary wouldn’t have done, so she wouldn’t be in this self-inflicted crisis to start with.

No. I can’t speak for everyone, but I am fucking tired of being in fucking wars without explicit authorization by fucking Congress. Fuck this shit.