Trump on Iran: what on earth can we do?

The tv game show host seemed to lose all sense today in his speech:

I’d like to pose questions like what on earth did his mother do to him as a child?’ but the debate is:
a. Is this a working definition of a leader gone rogue?

b. what should the national and/or world community do about someone so ignorant, threatening and unstable?

Rogue One.

As a world community? I guess make your own policy with Iran, don’t renew sanctions if you don’t feel they are warranted. Nationally? Drain the swamp. Or, vote this bozo out as soon as we can. If he really crosses the line then I hope those in a position to do something will. So far he hasn’t, so there really isn’t much that can be done about him except for folks to get over their snit with Hillary and basically vote for anyone that isn’t Trump in the next election, even if it isn’t (or is) the optimal Progressive Candidate™.

I don’t get why you’d say folks need “to get over their snit with Hillary” to do that, unless you think they’d be dumb enough to run her again.

(Pleeeease tell me you don’t think there’s reason to believe they’d run her again.)

Probably not, because he still has the backing of way too many politicians and the worst 30% of the populace.

I like to imagine that the other world leaders could publicly announce that they refuse to interact with him, and among them commit to that - canceling and rejecting offers to meet, not picking up phone calls, ignoring his twitter, denying entry into their countries. The statement would be that they would continue to accept the US’s existence as a country; the US would simply be refused a seat at the table. It would also be officially stated that the blacklisting would be removed instantly were an actual politician to assume control of the country, but until then, no.

This won’t happen, of course, but I’d like to imagine it could.

I think they mean all the people who stayed home/voted for Stein/whatever because Hillary wasn’t perfect, or wasn’t Bernie, or whatever. If they do the same because whomever runs in 2020 isn’t perfect. . .

Trump might be right to not allow Iran to become another North Korea. We have plenty of Shia allies and Israel in the middle east. Stopping Iran from becoming a nuclear power might also stop other ME nations from acquiring nukes as well.

Appeasing aggressive states rarely works. Had France responded militarily to the German militarization of the Rhineland history might be different today.

Trump might be insane but he might also be right.

Right, the Nazis.

WTF is the matter with people.

If I were her, I’d never run again, because of people like you. She’s given enough of her life to politics.

And a grateful nation could give me a medal. Would that it were so.

What do you think they should do?

Hey, kid, I’ll give you 25 cents a day to stop letting your dog poop on my lawn. (A couple weeks later.) No more money for you, kid, the deal’s off.

That’s gonna protect my lawn how?

You seem unaware of their support of terror groups.

You keep paying the gang or mafia protection money.

Getting rid of the deal helps hardliners in Iran greatly, and has no benefit to the US. It greatly increases the chances Iran gets nukes soon, and therefore greatly increases the chances of war.

Just really, really dumb. There’s no upside whatsoever.

How exactly does not certifying the deal prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon?

Trump pulls out of the deal, Iran kicks out the inspectors and restarts their nuclear program. Isn’t that the exact opposite of stopping Iran from getting nuclear weapons?

What does de-certifying even mean? Has that verbiage ever been used in terms of foreign policy before? Is it possible that trump will somehow “de-certify” the deal to please his base while it still functionally remains the same?

If the Pubbies don’t pressure the Cabinet into a 25th Amendment solution, it will pretty much PROVE that thy learned NOTHING from the Iraq debacle.

I think the deal will stay in place, with or without the Americans, as long as it benefits all the other parties involved. And so far, it does.

zero is plenty?

funny way of counting.

of course it was this kind of counting that made your last intervention into the region so great a success.

Some interesting background. Looks like there will be 60 days for Congress review the deal or it will continue.