Trump on Iran: what on earth can we do?

There is nothing more to this than President ‘Fucking Moron’ pissing on the bed in which Obama once slept. The driving motive behind every action the Mentally Defective Orange Menace takes is to ask himself, 'What Would/Did Obama Do?"; Then do the exact opposite.

Someone should remind him that Obama was faithful to his wife.

Someone should remind him that Obama got re-elected.

Look, I’m sure if we start bombing Iranian nuclear facilities, they’ll greet us as liberators.

I’m mad at my electric company, because my internet connection is slow.

Someone should remind him that Obama got more votes, got the majority of votes, and had a bigger inaugural crowd.

A good burst of 220 should jar your connection loose.

IMO, yes. It seems pretty clear that Mr. Trump would very much like to have a war with either or both of Iran and North Korea (presumably in service of some sort of twisted goal of earning ‘respect’ for America), and he is basically trying to provoke them into threatening behavior that he can then use as an excuse to unleash hell.

Just this spud’s opinion.

Sanctions? Sorry, other than that, I got nothing.

Well, looking on the bright side, he is surrounded by generals who will tell him the consequences of any military adventure.:eek:

Again I say: 25th amendment!

The point is, Iran has been taking liberties with the deal. They tested a ICBM. No reason for a ICBM other than to launch a nuke- which they claim they dont have.

You cheerfully add that you’re now willing to shoot the dog.

And it’s absolutely accomplished it’s target; isolating the USA further from the international community.

Iran was, of course, acting within the boundaries of the UN sanctioned agreement with Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia and the EU.

The iranians seem to have maybe tested (or on other claims faked a test, it can be guess to provoke your childish leader) a medium ranged ballistic missile, which is not an ICBM.

of course a rational state actor in the face of the irrational and emotional unstable leadership of a great power will be very desirous of building a deterrence capacity as quickly as possible as the Americans have already proved they are willing to fake the evidence and make lies to justify the wars of aggression.

Saudi Arabia supports terrorist groups, but that doesn’t stop us from treating them as a close ally, and even arming them. For that matter, they act as a state-run terrorist group with their extremist Islam ideology as official law, and foreign policy (bombing hospitals, schools, and markets, and blockading food shipments in Yemen).

It’s hard to feel morally outraged about not sanctioning Iran in exchange for them not developing nukes, when we directly provide military support and funding to Saudi Arabia.

“But they support terror groups!!!11!1!” is an excellent argument…

… In favour of the deal.

Indeed, the more you worry about Iran’s terror-funding shenanigans, the stronger you should support a deal which keeps them from acquiring nuclear weapons.

To be clear, the missile tested by Iran a few weeks ago has a range 1,250 miles. An ICBM is defined as having a range of 3,400 miles, about 3x the range of that missile. It’s also supposed to be designed to carry a nuclear warhead, but I don’t know how the Iranian missile rates with respect to that detail.

Does anybody support Trump’s line on Iran? Any politicians, significant media figures/pundits, foreign leaders, anyone at all?

Netanyahu. Most of the Republicans in Congress opposed the deal when Obama proposed it, at least in part because they thought Congress should have a say. What Trump did was, essentially, let Congress have a say. I guess we’ll see just what they say.

… and Saudi Arabia. As well as Yemen and UAE.