To all the, "Trump is the peace candidate, Hillary will get us in to war," people...

Go fuck yourselves.

I know! What was that war we were supposed to get involved with Hilary at the helm again? Oh, yeah…

Benghazi!!! :smiley:

It seems a bit premature to think that Trump is anything but a paper tiger who will fold like some cheap, folding thing who folds cheaply when his bluff is called.

Credit where credit is due, given the current situation, I would rather have a cowardly bully in office than an approval-seeking establishment Democrat eager to show that Democrats can be strong too.

I’m glad Trump is a coward, I just hope he’s not too dogshit dumb to fuck that up.

“It’s pouring rain-I hope the water isn’t too wet to ruin the picnic.” Excuse me, but where the fuck have you been the last couple of years?

Goddamn it I’m trying to hope over here, leave me alone.

Like if it’s a fight between his stupidity and cowardice, are you sure you can pick the winner?

Coward doesn’t mean anything. Presidents themselves are never in physical danger. That’s why it’s so easy for them to start a war. They should be on the frontlines, but they never are.

Remember that we’re talking about a man who experiences bad press and mildly critical words as intensely as you and I would experience a kidney stone or the death of a child.

My contempt is for the pig progressives who should have known that Clinton – anyone – was better than Trump but either didn’t vote or voted 3rd party.



“Some people feel Donald Trump’s election will being the revolution immediately. I’m more afraid of Hillary Clinton starting a war than I am of Trump building a wall” - Susan Sarandon

The great thing about being a Trump supporter or a third party voter is that they are fucking morons and fucking morons always change their facts to keep the same conclusion rather than let facts lead them to their conclusions.

I have to agree.

The problem with this that I see if that the cowardly bully could get embroiled in wars that are of the enemy’s choosing, while the hawk Democrat could get embroiled in wars of the *hawk Democrat’s *choosing. If the hawk Democrat has good reliable advisers and listens to them, this could be about as optimal as wars get, for the U.S.

The cowardly bully in this case *doesn’t *have good advisers, and wouldn’t listen even if he did.

We’re gonna do the Bernie Bros and not the Enlightened Centrists? Man, you disappoint me.

It does not even matter what Hillary coulda, woulda, shoulda done. It’ll never happen. Her time has come and gone.
The real.question is how are we getting the big ass jerk outta there?

I don’t think we do, I expect he’ll be reelected. The damage of electing Trump was permanent and catastrophic.

IDK, if someone held a gun up to my head and forced me to say ONE nice thing about Trump, it would be he stays the fuck out of wars (mostly).

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but…

Obviously, his cowardice would run away, but his stupidity would get lost trying to chase it down.

Can’t run with bone spurs and that fat ass. He’ll cower and hide in the bathroom while stupidity tweets his location.