To blow or not to blow

I have a rotten cold (is there another kind?) – cough, sneezing, drippy nose – but not bad enough to warrant skipping work.

I have my own office, I don’t handle food, I’m not in health care – I can keep a bit of distance from everyone, so figure it’s okay to go to work. I cover my mouth, wash my hands frequently, try not to breathe on anyone. Heck, everyone else has a cold anyway.

But I was chastised (albeit gently) today by a co-worker for blowing my nose where people could see me doing it. Have I missed something?

Is it not OK to blow in a semi-public place? Using a tissue? I didn’t even peek at the contents of the tissue when I was through. It was either blow or drip – and what would I do with the drippings? (And don’t say “make gravy”.)

Am I ill-bred? Can I stay home tomorrow?

Are you kidding? It’s one thing to do it at the lunch table, but come on…next time sneeze all over him or her or tell them to MYOB…It is NOT rude to blow your nose in public, unless you’re using your shirtsleeve. (Or someone elses)

A certain amount of discretion being assumed (you did say you didn’t peek at the tissue, and of course you aren’t making any honking noises), I say go ahead and blow. It sure beats the constant sniffle snort sniffle of the alternative.

I thought this thread was about something completely different.

Plunging like stones from a slingshot on Mars.

I admit, an alternative interpretation of the thread name did cross my mind … but it’s only rude to publicly blow your nose if people are eating or if you’re really noisy about it. Little ladies and gentlemen don’t honk :slight_smile:


Okay, I have a low, vulgar mind. This wasn’t exactly what I was expecting either. (But no time was wasted in clicking on the topic, mind you.)

Hey, a discreet nose-mop is both necessary and expected. Hey, just think of the alternative. Colds happen. As long as you aren’t honking, hawking and displaying the results, whatinthehell are they gritching about?

(Brain fart: does anyone else remember the snot scene in the movie “Klute”, w/ Hanoi Jane having a really bad nasal moment?)

Hey, I’ve had to share a phone w/ folks who have been clotheslined by colds. They make nice little antiseptic wipes to use.

My suggestion? Apologize profusely, gush flowery regrets and remorse–and as soon as the complainer goes on break, lick her mouse.

THEN go home sick. Slug back some DayQuil, wrap up in a comfy throw, sip a hot toddy and just before you drift into healing sleep, reflect that you won at low tech biological warfare.

Basically a pissant,

Oops, fooled me, too. But the answer is the same - yes, please blow.

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Well stated, Dr. J.

Dopeler effect:
The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

handy the scientist here. Go back three days from when you got the virus. Remember who you were with, that is where you got it. Find out from whomever that was how long it lasts.

Next, as for that drip, that is called ‘virus shedding.’ It is your body shedding the virus to get rid of it. So clear that out.

You MUST drink a lot of water or juices in order to make mucus. If you do not your lungs may get clogged & you may get bronchitis.

Tissues are fine. Nice clean white cotton socks are better if you are alone otheriwse people make think you are nuts. They feel nice.

TVeblen – lick her what!? Oh, the computer thing! (Whew)

Thanks for the positive feedback, guys. The scientific input is helpful too – I’ve always wondered “why snot?” – now I know.