To call you stupid is an insult to stupid people everywhere

Man arrested in flight for lighting batteries

By all that I don’t hold holy, how irretrievably stupid can a person get? This man is a risk to the genetic pool and I hope he hasn’t already polluted it. With all that has happened in the last year, you might think every man, woman and child would know better. But obviously you would be wrong.

Bah! Don’t divert the plane. Jettison the jackass and his batteries. It would have done the world a favor.

Don’t call me stupid!

Aristotle was not Belgian. The central message of Buddhism is not “every man for himself,” and the London Underground is not a political movement.

Probably not the smartest thing for the guy to do, but I’m not going to share in the blanket condemnation. Even though the article repeatedly implies that what he did was a prank, I don’t think it was. All the guy was trying to do was eke out a few more minutes of life out of his batteries.

He was wrong for two reasons: 1.)warming batteries only works if the batteries are extremely cold - these were probably at room temperature and the lighter isn’t going to help him. 2.)He should of realized that people are extremely paranoid post 9-11, and holding a lighter to anything isn’t going to win you friends on an airplane.

Not exactly a Rhodes Scholar, but not an idiotic prankster trying to have a laugh at everyone’s expense.

I’m sure we’ll be reading about him getting a Darwin award any day now.

At least one can only hope.

Beeblebrox, whether it was a prank or not is immaterial to this idiot’s level of stupidity. As you note, “holding a lighter to anything isn’t going to win you friends on an airplane.” Regardless of the reason, it’s irresponsible behavior, and I’m going to exercise my right to engage in hyperbole in describing the utter depths of this man’s lack of intelligence.

A favor?
Not for the part of the world he landed on. :slight_smile:

Next thing you know, you people’ll be throwing pennies off the top of the Empire State Building, just to make holes in the taxicabs’ roofs. :wink:


  1. You should never stick a lighted flame near a battery, no matter where you are. I may be talking out of my arse here, but … isn’t there a danger of the damn thing exploding? Or at least spewing noxious fumes all over the cabin. That’s what the Girl Guides always used to tell us when dinning it into our teenage brains that throwing dead batteries on the campfire was A Very Bad Thing.

I don’t know if this was necessarily a post-S-11-panic thing at all. At least, that’s not how I read it. The idiot just broke a basic law of common sense.