To Erasticity and his "Americans are stupid" sig...

Erasticity’s signature: Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people, which is attributed to H.L. Mencken (an American author, editor and journalist.)

It’s one thing for a an American journalist to criticize his peers but quite another when some German computer geek is so rapt with a statement to punctuate every post with it.

Here’s another quote that categorically insults the intelligence of an entire nation of people:
What luck for rulers that men do not think.

And if I recall correctly, the person to whom that quote is attributed underestimated the American people too – and got his ass handed to him as a result.

While it’s possible that Erasticity really loves that quote, maybe they just forget that ‘Show your signature’ is checked by default now.

Maybe, just maybe, you could grow a thicker skin Hey You!

I should make myself a new sig:

One could waste a lot of time worrying about offending the terminally offended.

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people…

but, oh, brother!.. you could get killed overestimating their sense of humor…

not that there’s any connection, mind you…

It’s not properly a quote – it’s an attribution. Beyond that, it’s wandered far from its origins. In the less concise form, they contain the same spirit and are unlikely to offend anyone’s nationalist feelings:

Of course, that leaves us open to accusations of classism. You can’t please everybody. :smiley:

So, just who, Larry Mudd, was it that made such a scandalous, libelous remark about the poor, undertrodden, misunderstood, unappreciated, overproductive plain people?
Please don’t tell me it was an AMERICAN… because I just won’t believe you!

Hey you!, To comfort you:

Greece and the Greeks:

Greek philosophy seems to have met with something with which a good tragedy is not supposed to meet, namely, a dull ending.

Karl Marx.

I won’t start on the Dutch… :smiley:

Am I mistaken or was Godwin’s law enacted in the OP itself???

Yeah! Don’t mention the war, Hey You!

Jarbabyj perchance you have heard of Godwin’s lesser known second law “Those that use every opportunity to cry Godwin’s law are fucking morons” ?

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I can’t believe I read “Greek”, instead of German.

Feeling very small, now.

Excuse me.

:: going to look for me glasses::

You’re mistaken.


Are you threatening a dawn raid on Erasticity ?

Besides, you recall incorrectly. Hitler underestimated the British and the Russians.

Thank you. A much more reasoned response than WinstonSmith offered. :rolleyes:

Well Now I’m All Fucking Discombobulated.

Did The Op Quote Hitler Or Not??? I’m Just A Fucking Caveman.

Russia: Maybe. England? Without the Yanks they never get off their island-unless it’s to greet the Russians in the mid 1950s or so.

Presuming you mean “the UK” or “the British”, we do. It used to be to fight a couple of world wars (heard of Dunkirk?) before you guys decided to get off your asses to save ours, and before that it was to oppress other countries.

Or am I being whooshed?

I’m not sure. I was talking about post 1940 Europe. I certainly wasn’t trying to be belitteling or insulting to the British in any way, I have the utmost respect for their fighting forces, I just mean that there is no way the British could pull off a D-Day type invasion totally on their own hook, without the resources of the U.S. to help. The post I was replying to seemed (to me) to be saying that American involvement in the war was superferlous to Germany’s defeat. That is certainly not the case. Russia MIGHT (hell, probobly would, but it’s not as cut and dried as most people make it out to be-and an isolationalist US not occupying Japanese forces in the Pacific has to be factored in to Russia’s ability to achieve victory) have been able to defeat Germany on their own, but all Britain could have done on her own was keep the Germans from invading Great Britain, although they could have held out pretty much indefinitely. Germany didn’t have the resources to launch a D-Day type invasion west across the channel either.

I don’t think the OP needs a thicker skin. It seems to be generally accepted that it’s kosher for an ethnic group or a nation to jest at itself in ways that are not acceptable for outsiders. I think this should apply to Americans too. So Mencken may insult us, because he is one of us.

I’m not saying that Erasticity was out of line for using the Mencken quote per se, but to make it his sig was definitely out of line and almost amounts to a flame on every post.

Well then maybe I should have called you a fucking moron.

The OP didn’t say that Erasticity was a Nazi or that his point of view was Nazi like. The mere mention of Hitler does not invoke Godwin, a comparison must me made.


I seem to recall Hitler was pretty sure us Brits would be willing to cut a deal after the fall of France. So in that sense he under-estitmated us.

Yeah, Yeah. Pedant’s corner.

While I’m here, Without US aid I think it unlikely Stalin’s mob would of defeated the Germans.