To "give" points in a football game- huh?

My coworker and I have a gentlemen’s wager on this weekend’s Notre Dame (his alma mater) - Penn State (mine) game. He told me that he wants me to “give” him 3 points. ND is ranked 4th (tied with Auburn); PSU is 19th. What does it mean for me to give him 3 points?

I believe that for you to win the bet, not only does Penn State have to win, they have to win by more than 3 points (or is it at least 3 points?).

So if the final score was Notre Dame- 20, Penn State- 22, he would still win the bet.

I just looked up the line, and ND should be giving up 8 points to PS, you shouldn’t be giving any points to the higher ranked team.

It doesn’t always follow the ranking, but your gentleman’s bet should just follow the line that bookies use, that’s as fair a choice as you’re going to get.

A-ha! That helps. Where did you find the spread?

By the way, we’re neighbors. I’m right up the street in Lovely Bloomfield, NJ.

Here’s a couple of places to find NCAA football point spreads:

Right. Not only should you insist on using the standard lines, you should kick this guy in the nuts. Ballsy, totally ballsy to try and get you to give up 3 when he should be giving up 8.

If there has ever been a time for trashtalk along the lines of Notre Dame alum = pussy, this is it. As in, “oh you’re so scared of PSU that you have to ask for points when you’re favored?!” Enjoy yourself.

Also, never take an whole number of points. Ask for 8 1/2 points. If he is willing to give you “X” points, before you accept, get the 1/2 point.

Most people give it out and never flinch, and you won’t have a ‘push’. If ND beats PSU by 8 points and he gave you 8 points, it’s a tie (push). Get the extra half point.

Tell him the line would show as high as 9 1/2 if all the ND goobers weren’t acting scared (in reality, the actual spread would probably be more like 6 point, but since every ND goober known to man is plunking down bets on ND, the line goes up to stop the one-sided betting. Every ND spread wherein they are favored is usually on the high end of the scale. Same for the Dallas Cowpokes. Every dweeb around the U.S that gets his rocks off routing for the Cowpokes bets on them, creating a lopsided betting tally. To counter this, the bookies float the line up to scare off bettors from the Irish or the Cowpokes. Ya gotta love the dufus alum from ND who wants 3 points. Lew-Zer, all the way.)

I called him on it and he laughed & said he was wondering why I didn’t object as soon as he said it. I would have if I had understood the “give” terminology. I’ve been in pro ball football pools every fall for the last several years, even won a couple, but never ran into the “give points” business.

I think he’ll be giving me about 10 points, considering ND’s home field advantage.

If the need ever rises again, McNew, you don’t need to search for web sites. Betting lines appear every day in the back of your local newspapers’ sports section (unless you subscribe to the Baptist Daily News, I guess).

Just to show him you’ve grokked the concept, offer to take Auburn and 14 points over Mississippi State this weekend…

I would make a UK-Texas State joke here, but I’m not sure giving Kentucky points would be the wrong move. :smiley: