To Hell and Back Again... A Tale of Dental Torture

I think it’s almost over.

2 months
pain beyond pain

but finally… I think it may almost be over.

(read about today if you want to… this is the last major hurdle… I hope…)

Hey, that link is a pretty cool effect!

Man, you had some major work done. I’d be so battle worn I think I’d brush my teeth after EVERY BITE just to not have to go through that kind of crap again.

Here’s to a pain-free mouth…

The horrible dentist who did the work said that he thought I was faking my pain through the whole proceedure and refused to give me pain medication. Finally today I got validation (see the journal entry linked in my OP for details… I’m still pissed off about it!)

I’m going to go brush - AND FLOSS - my teeth right now.

I hate dentists. You are one brave person, Opal.

I had pretty good teeth all my life… just a couple of fillings… then when I got pregnant, my body decided that it would just use those nicely lined up calcium suppliments ringing my jaws to build the little baby. My teeth promptly exploded. :confused:

Yikes! I just found out yesterday I need another root canal.

I’m lucky, though. My dentist is a kind, solicitous angel, who always asks if I’m okay. Honest. She was in pre-med and had a horrific experience with one of the Dentists From Hell[sup]TM[/sup] and vowed that nobody should ever have to suffer that kind of pain while the assclown inflicting it acts as if he doesn’t care. She switched her major and became a dentist. I love her. She actually made it so I don’t really dread this root canal.

Sorry you had to suffer, Opal. Hope you’re all through with it.

Is that why they call them “baby teeth”? :wink:

Anthro/archeologists can determine the relative age/gender/number of children born bu looking at tooth destruction and loss in skeletons. (The construction of the preceeding sentence is so crappy, but you know what I mean.)

AAR, nice chompers.

i had to read this before i went to the dentist. greeeaaat.

opalcat, i know what you mean about an uncaring dentist. when i finally was able to afford to go to a dentist, i had just finished reading the delaney sister’s book. i thought, hhhhmmmm, woman dentist, why didn’t i ever think of that. checked the phone book and called the office of the first woman i saw. i have been there for 10 years now. what a difference… she listens to what i tell her, she will sing silly songs if i need to be distracted from the drill.

i would check to see if this dentist you have problems with, has any complaints against him. leaving a bit of tooth in an extraction sounds very, very, wrong. my dentist takes tons of care to be sure every bit of tooth is gone for the very reason you have encountered. infection.

DVAEWOO: root canals aren’t as bad as you’ve heard.
i had the first part of mine 3 years ago (never finished it yet)
Once your novacained, you don’t have any pain. It just takes an hour, wherein which you cannot close your mouth, which is realllly annoying.
But there was no pain afterward either.

so don’t worry.

I had a bad infection in my gums that ate away the bone holding in two teeth each side of my two front upper teeth. They had to get pulled. I then had 2 root canals on my two front teeth. Then they ground down all the teeth around the pulled teeth and put in a six tooth bridge.
This took 5 hours and 12 injections.

When he pulled one of the teeth the novicaine had worn off.

Then I had to go back and get the real bridge put in. More grinding, except they didn’t numb me up. Biig mistake.

Then I had to get my teeth cleaned…one quadrant at a time. I get three done tomorrow and the resetting of my bridge, which is painful.

The root canals weren’t too bad until they got to the end.

I don’t wanna talk about this anymore.

::curls up gingerly sucking thumb::

I went to get my teeth cleaned today, 15 minutes, she didn’t even have scrape any of my teeth. :smiley:

while at the dentist today i mentioned your problem. according to my dentist the only reason to leave a bit of tooth behind is because it may be imbedded in the jawbone. other than that, you would want a clean “hole” where the tooth was. with the amounts you are dealing with, i would have a serious look at the before and after xrays, along with documentation of the infection, with a rep. dentist and lawyer.