To hell with Chelsea Clinton, Lisa Simpson is getting married today!

Unfortunately, the cure for “Seventeen Stab Wounds In The Back” continues to elude modern science.

Personally I’d like to have a Union Jack with a neon rod embedded in the side.

I am? No one invited me.

She hasn’t aged a bit.
Actually - is she marrying some Mormon dude in Utah? She seems a tad young to be legally married in any other state…

Last I heard they were up to 15.

She didn’t get married, she dumped him at the alter. Bitch :smiley:

You’d think they’d make it a Saturday, not a Sunday. :slight_smile:

So Millhouse still has a chance?

Not with me he doesn’t. Nelson and I still have a kinda thing…

I approve of the infinite giddy this thread gives me.

This is yet another reminder that we’ve living in the future, and that it kind of sucks. But I’m glad smell ya later finally replaced goodbye.

WW III was not as bad as I’d feared.


I remember when I first saw that ep, I mentally marked my calendar to see if that episode would be played on 8/1/10. Then, unbeknownst to me, I was busy getting back from celebrating my tenth wedding anniversary on that day (actual date, 7/29), and completely forgot about it! FWIW, I didn’t recall seeing it in the listings, but who knows. (It sure would have been great for FOX to play that ep in the regular Simpsons block, just like I think they played the Michael Jackson ep the Sunday after his death).

I also knew, when I first saw the ep, the future (2010 version) would be horribly, horribly, disappointing.

Cheer up. At least we still got trees.
And the Rolling Stones I guess.

I’m gonna have a soy pop (with gag suppressant!) in honor of this special anniversary.

Y’know, that reminds me: in that episode, when Hugh shows Lisa that sign asking her to marry him, it says, “Lisa will you do me the honor,” missing the U that an Englishman would use when writing “honour.”

Just sayin’

You know, Fox turned into a hard-core sex channel so gradually, I didn’t even notice.

Good Lord. I remember watching that episode when it first aired. I am both old AND disappointingly non-futuristic!

Life is so unfair.

Mom, picture phone.

Well, at least you’re long past choo-choo-choosing Ralph. :slight_smile: