To ******* I'm calling you out. Get out here and defend yourself.

Relating to this thread. . .

I would like to address the individual who e-mailed me. I’m deleting the name and address to protect you, and in part to see if you have the balls to bring the fight back to where you saw it first. That’s right, I’m calling you to the mat.

I’ve had a pretty awesome sense of humor about this whole event, and I generally do in life. In case you didn’t get the picture the first time, I don’t go after organizations when it’s a single person’s fault. But I digress. Allow me to respond to:

Well, I tell ya what. Why don’t you step into my shoes, and deal with what I had at the moment. I think then you would be crying like a baby, instead of calmly trying to explain like I did.

That’s what I tried to explain. Granted, reaching for my wallet wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but I was in a plain shirt and jeans, leaning on an already warmed up car (so I didn’t need a jacket), and was pretty exposed. Again, I invite you to experience the thrill. . .

And I wasn’t charged. I was brought to arrest, which after 10 minutes was let go. A charge means I need to go downtown to court.

Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear:
[li]I invite you to be served with a warrant and handcuffed, and think as fastly and as cool as you can.[/li][li]I did not provoke the officer unduly. I offered identification when he did not ask. I believe I did the right thing at the time.[/li][/ul]

Really? I usually do think about things as I do them. I have a very sensitive public position, and really can’t afford to “do things like that”. Maybe you should refer to some other threads I’ve started or replied to, and figure it out what I do. And on a personal note, how dare you judge me quietly on an e-mail? Why not bring it up here? I believe my character can stand up to accusations of “i can see that you are the type that would do things like that.”.

So I tell ya what. Why don’t you explain what makes me the “type” and stop being so high and mighty . . . I don’t think this thread will last long, because I don’t think you have the articulate nature to “bring it on”. Justify yourself, asshole. . .

NOTE: Most of “its” crap came from an e-mail. My apologies for the formatting.

Like jeezus. What next? I’m laughing at my own follies. What a jackass. . .

I am really in love with you.
You know that saying “You always hurt the ones you love.”?
Well, I took that one a bit too serious. :frowning:
I know it’s dumb but I was frustrated that I had not been able to catch you eye yet.
If I had your number I probably would call up and hung up after a few seconds of breathing.
I’m such a wuss and I am lonely and well, you know… Valentines Day is coming up and I was wondering…
::sobs:: Oh god, I can’t go through with this!
I love you Tripler!
::runs away crying::

Personally I’m still all atingle at the thought of Tripler in handcuffs…

The fact you told such an amusing story didn’t hurt the “I-must-have-you-now” factor…

getting in line behind Mercutio

Oh no no no. He’s mine. :wink: I’m ahead of ALL y’all in line. :smiley:

Who do you think arranged to have him handcuffed in the first place? I got pictures! :wink:

Oh hell, I know it wasn’t you. Yer too damn cute. Now cut that out! :smiley:

Well, I give Jack Ass at ******* exactly one day to show himself.
Besides, I think this thread is successfully hijacked.

i submit: who has their head further up their ass, the, ahem, officer, or *******

Well, essvee, considering the officer can laugh about what happened, and the other jerk is still hiding, I know who I think has their head up their ass…

Hey Tripler - Tomorrow is not only Valentine’s Day but my Birthday as well! You’re not going to shine be off for one of these other NON-birthday babes, are ya?

Oh yeah, I have a nice warm bottle of chocolate syrup just waiting . . .

Hey Diane,

You share your b-day with Wally, did you know that? Also, you’re only two days ahead of me. Just thought you’d like to know.

Only Tripler could start a rant and have it end with a love-in. :slight_smile:

I tried to take it back here. I got pretty angry at what "it" wrote. It was pretty annoying. I spared y’all the ramblings. And who says I can’t flame back? This was my first, and I think it went from flame to barbecue. . . Enough is enough. Fight over.

And I’d shove my head up my ass if I could, but it’s dark and scary in there. . .
Hey Diane:

I’m flattered. Really! But I think you’ll have to figure it out between Falcon, Tequila and FairyChatMom. Maybe a raffle or Bingo or something. But whatever you do, I don’t put out on the first date unless I get to drive the Zamboni.
And I mean for both intermissions.

Yep. We discovered our mutual birthdays (along with Mull’s) in an old thread or ICQ conversation. I am honored to share the day with two wonderful men. As I said, only the sweetest of hearts. . . . :wink:

Happy Birthday to you Coldie! We’ll have to buy each other drinks in Amsterdam!