To lock a thread...

Some mods just lock a thread. Other mods lock a thread!

Beer, I must say I quite enjoy it when you lock a thread. I will immediately open any thread you’ve locked for the sarcasm or wit you show in the final post.

Good on ya, shipmate.

I agree. UncleBeer you layeth the smacketh downeth.


OH NO! I’ve slowly become a wrestling fan. How could I let such a thing happen?

Hey, lay off will ya?

I like reading UB’s sarcasm,
but I LOVE reading Manhattan’s disgust and anguish when he has to move, or shut a particularly… ignorant, or Stupid thread…

I love it when UncleBeer closes the thread of a particularly stupid poster. Hell…I like it when any thread with particularly stupid posters get closed.

Oh…hi Chief! :smiley:

Why do I have the growing suspicion that this thread is all about me? Was my post about the idiotic Peta commercial that bad?

If it was sorry.

Oh yeah Uncle, I like your closing posts too. Kind of an echoing finallity to them, as if nothing is left to be said.

Grrr. That should read: If it was, sorry.

  • IMATION coughs sharply *

I hate it when 'Beer closes a thread. I wish I could be there, in person, when he walks up to the idiot posters and smacks them upside the head, instead of just reading about it.

You mean, “You placeth the slappeth-down on their sweet-patooties.”

Well, thanks, Chief. I appreciate that. However, I can’t hold a candle to Manny’s sarcastic ire when he locks one down, or moves it. I gotta confess that I read the GQ “Moved Threads” list so I can seek out Manny the Mover’s comments. They are consistently some of the funniest shit on this board.

And I’ve passed along your Navy chief joke to my father. I’m sure he’ll enjoy it.

are we missing a potential Handy-challenger?

64 posts and only registered the second? Some count, Imation.