To mods: GQ thread getting ugly

Could you please take a look in the GQ thread “Can you patent names” (or something like that). There’s much political stuff going on, regarding Sarah Palin–excepting one or two GQ-appropiate answers.

You’ll see what I mean. I have my own political views, but I don’t come to GQ for pronouncements on mine or others’.



A quicker way of getting their attention is to click on the little red triangle at the upper right hand corner of whichever posts needs modding and shoot them a message.

Leo, I’m closing this because, as Contrapuntal says, the best way to inform the mods of a problem with a thread is by reporting the post. And there was no need for you to make the request you did in the thread itself.

I will note that, surprisingly for a thread about Palin, there have few jabs at her. I see the remark that you seem to be concerned about. However, since it was made almost a week ago it’s a little late to be reporting it now. Otherwise the thread seems to be on track and remaining in GQ territory.

If you still have concerns, you may open another thread; but please don’t open threads in ATMB simply as a substitute for reporting the thread.

To follow up, I have just issued a warning to the poster in question an insult, plus the earlier political jab.