To my director (mild rant not pit worthy)

Dear Mr. Hotshot,

I have tolerated your boasting of “beating the vendor” up over their pricing. I have managed to stay awake during your long, 2 hour, monotone and repetitive conference calls. You carry on as if you were the most important thing in the universe. That everyone should stop whatever they are working on just so you can bore us to death with your self importance. Do you not have a life of your own?

Last night you called me at 9:40pm to give me your thoughts and conversations with other directors in regards to the report server. Could you have waited until today? Could you not have sent me an email to read this morning? I realize my manager is currently on vacation and I am his escalation point if the network goes south, however; I am not a manager, I am an engineer. I really don’t give a crap how much you bang the can against your cage walls or how hard you think you need to beat on your chest to show how powerful you are.

What you think is doing the company good is actually hurting us. It’s a give and take relationship, and you are in take mode without finding a middle ground. Do you not realize that the very vendors you beat up are the same guys we engineers have to count on to keep our network upgraded and patched with software and hardware? Do you not understand that you are stressing the relationship enough that if the vendor walks away, you are sitting on a 90 million dollar project that you can’t get upgraded? The project is FOA. Get it? First Office Application…it exists NO WHERE ELSE.

Nice marketing savvy you have there buddy and STOP CALLING ME AFTER 5 PM!

Stop answering the phone! Just because it rings doens’t mean you’re a slave to it!