To my university. Oh, and just to consolidate the Kotex company as well.

I realize that the state is having budget problems, and that the university is facing pretty hefty budget cuts. I do, however have a couple of issues.

First, I’d really like to get some indication of whether I’m going to get summer financial aid. I applied on the first day and was informed that notification would go out within two weeks. We are now at a month later, registriation begins Monday AND I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHETHER I HAVE ANY FUNDING FOR THE SUMMER. This makes the decision on registering for classes difficult. Yes, I have contacted the financial aid office. They simply tell me that they are going out ‘soon’. Gee, thanks.

I’d also like to get my aid letter for next academic year. My FAFSA was submitted in January. But I’ll give you until April for that one ok?

Now, here’s the kicker. Did you have to sell my name to mailing lists? I know you did it - I don’t give my association with you to any organization that I request mail for. That means that the companies now sending me catalogs addressed to:

University of Tennessee
My address

can only have gotten my name from some department there at the university. Thanks. Did you sell my name to Capital One too? I think they got it from somewhere else, but I certainly enjoy the five credit card offers I get a week from them.

Yes, the university president has declared a “no whine zone”. Yippee. You’d save a little money if you’d turn down the heat in the HSS building. Really. It’s 90 degrees in there and has been for ages.

And to the Kotex company:
The velcro wings were a nice idea. I see why someone thought of it. But they suck. First, no matter how I try to keep them out of the way, they fall back down and stick to the adhesive stip on the pad. This terrible error in your product design should be corrected immediately.

Kotex is not a word that should be used in a thread title.

Indeed, it should not be used publicly at all.

I do, however, feel your pain regarding funding, since I work for a university that is state supported.

It’s the product that markets itself as the best innovation for women since the pushup bra. The pushup bra is not great - it’s a painful, uncomfortable, horrible thing that is a great innovation for men who like to look at women - but it doesn’t do much for the women themselves (IMHO, obviously). By comparing the velcro wings to that hideousness, kotex has pretty much ensured that I’m not going to try them.

The university thing sucks too.

Wings = a flow angel = run away screaming and hitting my head with a broken memory stick.

Tee hee hee! We’ve found lieu’s achilles heel.

Now when someone gets grossed out by gas & poop threads, they know what to counterpunch with.


I don’t know what to tell you about the school stuff, but I can give you a tip for the pads. Try the Always with wings. They recognized this problem early on and fixed it. Now their pads come with the wings folded against the top of the pad and held in place with a single strip of adhesive backing. You can just apply the pad with like a non-winger with no hassles, then pull off the backing and both wings flop loose.

A post to a thread that relates female anatomy, Kotex, periods, adhesive, and wings ends with the phrase “flop loose”.

It might just take months for me to get this image out of my head…


Scout, thank you for that report. The information has been so noted and will be made use of at the appropriate time.


An evilly grinning

Knowing that about lieu makes having started this thread worthwhile.
CrazyCatLady…I figured that one out. I know better now and will never buy the horrid ones again.

As for the University… for fiscal 2003 (yes, the fiscal year ending this summer), they’re talking about almost 10% coming out of the budget. I can’t wait to see what my tuition increase is for next year.

**Lsura ** instead of the store bought kind, you could try the pad that are made of flannel that have wingie things with snaps. They are called Luna Pads. Very secure and (**LIEU THIS ONE’S FOR YOU ** no unfortunate pubic hairs getting caught in the adhesive.

I’m so glad I’m done with college and paying off student loans. It sucks to be going to a college/university with budget problems. For me, I knew my school was having budget problems when the dorms went from recycled toilet paper to the one ply so thin you can see through it toilet paper.

Oh, and try tampons. Pads are just a tiny form of diapers.

Speaking of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, did you know that the turnover rate for Professors is 12% a year? That means they replace 100% of their faculty every 8.5 years.

I have a feeling its going to get worse.