To Rinse or Not to Rinse

My sister-in-law does not rinse the dishes. She washes them and wipes them with a dish towel and then puts them away. I think this is quite disgusting. I was taught that one washes dishes and then rinses them in very hot water and then puts them in the rack to dry.

Which do you do?

I never dry dishes. I have a wooden-scissor-slats style rack.
Rinsing makes sense, but I can’t worry about it much. My aunt was always careless about that and it never really made any difference.
If I’m camping and there’s no hot water, I don’t mind eating off plates that feel a little greasy, so long as there’s nothing clearly stuck to them. Others in the party seem to prefer going hungry. Then they suck burnedmarshmallow off a twig off the ground.

Why are in-laws so disgusting? It must be a natural law.
Bring paper plates to her house, or TV dinners. Don’t eat soap. A sandwich on a plate with dried soap might work, but if it was spaghetti, you would certainly taste it.

Welp, hmmm, i rinse before i put the dishes in the dish-washer… Does that count??? :smiley:

Rinse the soap off.
Let them air dry. Have you ever thought about all those disgusting microbes on the dish towel? I decided to air dry when I saw my three year old blow his nose on the dish towel…

I rinse and let them air dry. My SO, on the other hand, does not rinse them (or at least not well) so I can always taste soap when I’m eating or drinking after he’s done dishes.

I use a dishwasher and let it handle those decisions. I am surprised to see so many people still washing dishes by hand.

My dishwasher broke down two days ago and I’ve been doing them by hand - yes I definitely rinse the soap off and let them air dry, but then I don’t fill the sink up with soapy water and put the dishes in it either. I don’t have a double sink. I leave the hot water running, pour the dish soap on the sponge, wash dish, rinse, put in dish drain.
I hope the maintenance man gets here tomorrow to fix the damn dish washer! :mad:

lee, so ask her why she doesn’t rinse…

I wouldn’t want to eat from plates that have the old meat, soap, flu germs & what not on them.

She says rinsing dishes is a waste of water.

This issue actually contributed to the breakdown of one of my engagements. My ex yelled (screamed is more like it) at me for merely scraping off dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Apparently, this was wrong. :rolleyes:
This was the start of a two-week long experiment in living together. It was supposed to be a month-long experiment, but …


Definitely rinse then air dry.

Well, I don’t have a choice. I don’t have a dishwasher. Our house is a 1950’s tract house…no dishwasher. We will be remodeling the kitchen soon. We had to re-wire the whole house, install more phone jacks, paint, remodel a bathroom, add a bathroom, new furnace, install AC…the list goes on and on. The kitchen is next…thank God.
We got a deal from the original owner. They had done NOTHING to this house in 40 years. It was quite a bargain. Couldn’t pass it up just because there was no dishwasher.

I wash like Sycorax does. I leave the hot water running, wash, rinse and the ceiling fan dries. Actually, I don’t really mind washing the dishes. I have a small TV in the kitchen and usually have a “Frasier” rerun on while I am washing.
The second week we lived here, though, I demanded a garbage disposal!

I have no dishwasher, AND, the water here is so mineral-rich that it will leave huge, nasty spots/streaks/whatever if you don’t towel-dry them.

Yeah, I rinse.

I myself prefer the wash, rinse, air dry method - but here’s my problem. I don’t have a double sink. One basin, one tap, no frills, no waiting.
So here I have a sink full of soapy water. I wash a plate. I rinse a plate. Now I have a sink with more, although less soapy water. By the time I’ve washed 5 or 6 plates, the fricking water is up to the top. So I gotta drain some water, add more soap and start the whole moronic process over again. And again if we’ve a particularly healthy size meal.
So who are the other single-sinkers out there and how do you handle this problem?

get a dishpan slightly smaller than your sink. fill it with your soapy water. Rinse by letting water flow in the sink and not in the pan.

I bet she’s never constipated. Soap is the GREATEST for making the bathroom popular (through both gates).

Wash AND rinse under running water. Yeah, it may use a lot of water, but at least you won’t be eating soap.

Ugh! What is wrong with people? She must have a completely insensitive palate, because you’ve got to beleive your getting a lot of nice soap residue in your meals. I use the dishwasher when possible - for larger stuff, I use the running-water soap-rinse-air-dry method.

Our dishwasher at work is not as good as mine at home, and before I make a cup of tea, I have to rinse out the already cleaned and rinsed cup from the dishwasher, or my tea tastes like Cascade.

Jack Batty…I have the same problem. One sink. It is a huge one-piece thing, cast-iron with grooved drain boards on each side. The sink itself is on the small side. I have my dish drainer on one side, I stack the dirty stuff on the other, and just wash and rinse under the running water. I don’t fill the sink with water. I have a few things in the sink at a time. I do have a dishpan, but could not rinse with it in the sink. I use it for soaking stuff on the side. I think my way is better (my opinion, of course) since the stuff isn’t sitting in dirty water.

Lee said his SIL thinks she would be wasting water rinsing the dishes…well, I’m using what she saves, cause I know I use tons of water this way, but tough. That’s why we have a 50-gallon water heater! :slight_smile: