To rinse or not to rinse

Do you, or should you rinse your dishes after they are hand washed? Why or why not?

Mrs. Mukluk and I have been having a regular discussion lately (at about 6:30 PM each night) :slight_smile: about this and are wondering what dopers think.

I was sure this would have been in the archives, but it doesn’t seem to be.

Soap can act as a powerful diuretic if its residue is not completely removed from eating surfacs.


That’s always been a peeve of mine in one of my favorite movies, Bedrooms & Hallways. Darren and Leo are talking while cleaning up after breakfast. Leo is just stacking them to dry after washing them.

I’m extremely anal about rinsing, especially cups. I’ve been known to rinse a cup for over a minute.

I don’t know what I’d do without a dishwasher…

You mean you wash the dishes, in soapy water I presume, and not rinse them afterwards? Doesn’t your next meal taste soapy? The few times I have failed to thoroughly rinse a drinking glass , I have tasted the soap the next time I drank from that glass. Soapy milk is just yuckky.
I’m not especially finicky either, I mean I once wrestled a chunk of beef brisket out of my dog’s mouth and ate it (seasoning tip: barbecue sauce covers up dog drool just fine.)
In my defense, I don’t usually spend much effort cooking for myself and that brisket was 3 hours worth of work.

Interesting, you wouldn’t happen to have a cite for that would you?

As for the tast, I’ve never really tasted soap before, I just never liked the idea of the possibility of having it in my food or drink. (I ate enough soap as a kid… :stuck_out_tongue: )

Is this even a question? How could you not rinse? Do you mean that she just pulls the dishes out of the soapy slimy nasty water and stacks them to dry? Ew!

FWIW, the standard restaurant/health-department approved method for wanshing dishes is to use 3 steps: wash, rinse, sanitize. Sanitizing is putting the dishes in a weak disinfecting/bleach solution for a certain number of minutes. At home, people don’t usually sanitize, but as far as I know, rinsing is pretty standard.

What about people who skip rincing and dry immediately?

This can’t be a serious question. I mean, do you rinse YOURSELF after washing? Well then why the fuck wouldn’t you rinse something you eat off of? Christ.

Many people find the soap quite sufficiently gone after drip-dry or certainly wipe-dry. Is it really necessary to swear at them?

How much soap are people using who don’t rinse? My dishes are covered in suds when I’m done washing them, no amount of dripping or wiping is going to get rid of that. I always rinse until there isn’t any soap left before putting them on the drying rack.

I think the OP is a little bit vague. If he means “do you wash (soak, soap, sponge, run under clear water, put in drainer to dry) your dishes, then, before putting them away, run them under clear water again?” then, no, I don’t. But if he means soak, soap, sponge, put directly in the drainer without running under clear water, then that’s just plain wrong.

I certainly rinse, because as many people before have stated, the dishes, cups, etc., are covered with soap suds.
Perhaps we are misinterperting the OP somehow?

In defense of non-rinsers: the surface of most crockery and cutlery is smooth - the dirty water runs off fairly quickly leaving negligible residue. If however I was washing something with a rougher surface I would definitely rinse.

Have done it this way all my life and never once tasted soap.

Actually this isn’t a relationship issue for Mrs. Mukluk and I, we both rinse our dishes (despite having a single sink - a double sink would be easier). The topic of discussion for us is that some of our relatives are “nonrinsers” and are quite happy in their ignorance of the merits of rinsing.

Kalhoun: I can see that you are quite passionate about your dish rinsing. I’m glad that we are in agreement - I certainly wouldn’t want to be on your bad side on this. Imagine your reaction to a more substantive subject!

No misinterpretation - the question is indeed do you rinse in clear water after washing in soapy water, or do you wash in soapy water and place on the drainer to let the water and soap (hopefully) drip off.

Most people seem to rinse - are there any more who don’t rinse??? It would be especially entertaining to get a militant nonrinser to go head to head with Kalhoun! :slight_smile:

Also note that dirt and grime gets stuck to the soap, per Cecil so if the soap doesn’t get completely rinsed away, the dirt stays.

Yeah but soap is sticky and it sticks to the dish, not the water so the dirty runoff water isn’t gonna carry all the soap with it. Maybe it has to do with dishwashing technique or how much soap is in the water in the first place but I can almost always feel (and definitely taste) soap residue on the glasses after a casual rinse.

Didn’t used to (growing up and living in Ireland) do since I moved to Sweden and mrsIteki nearly died when I did the dishes. She still tells people about the barbaric Irish. Then they laugh at me. :frowning:

I understand its partially cultural, read something a while back about how the danes don’t rinse either, but then that could have been just propoganda :smiley:
To make it a bit clearer for those who can’t get their heads around it, here is how it used to go:
Fill sink with hot water, add washing up liquid. Wash items in order of dirtyness (all should have been scraped off and rinsed quickly under hot water before this to loosen “the worst”). So, glasses, then cutlery, then plates, finally pots etc. Put plate in soapy water, scrub with brush, take from soapy water, put in rack.

Yeah, it’s disgusting, but it never bothered me at the time. Same as with the shoes/carpet deal.

Any soap residue in the glass will ruin the head on beer. Rinse is required for beer steins.