To that Dutch stranger in Amsterdam: America WILL elect a black man president!

Back in March I was in Amsterdam eating dinner in a restaurant. At the table next to mine was a loud-mouthed Dutch guy who was spouting off on various subjects with his more quiet companion. I remember this part of the conversation:

“I’ll bet you any amount of money that neither Clinton nor Obama will be the next president of the U.S. Americans simply are not ready to elect a woman or a black man as president. There’s no way they will do it.”

He was loud and emphatic and repeated this in several ways.

Even though I knew then that he was a stranger and I would never see him again, he made a strong impression. I really wanted him to be wrong.

Well, as everyone knows, he WAS wrong. I only wish I could have seen his face.


When I lived in NYC, I would often hear jerks like this pontificating at the next table in a restaurant, or in a line a the movie theater or wherever.

Trust me, even after the election and Obama was declared the winner, this same asshole would then claim:

A. I knew it all along and told you that.
B. Typical Americans…they hate women so they didn’t vote for McCain/Palin.
C. Typical Americans…they love blacks and would vote for anybody who is black.

In other words, he is still a jerk and will always be a jerk.

I am sure his “quiet companion” knows he is an idiot, which is exactly why they were a “quiet” companion.

(If this discussion had been overheard in Illinois, I would swear you were overhearing my idiot brother…)