To the coward that hit my car this weekend

Saturday, I volunteered to proctor the Foreign Service Written Exam here in Lima, so that 29 young hopefuls could take the first step towards a career that I really like and think makes a bit of a difference. yeah, it meant giving up my Saturday, getting to the Embassy at 07.00, and they didn’t even offer to pay for lunch or anything, but I volunteered to do it because I thought it was a good thing to do.

Seven hours later, I come out to find that someone has broken the side-view mirror off my brand-new car that was parked in the secure lot of the compound, and hasn’t left a note, a card, or blessed anything. The local guards didn’t see anything, the surveillance cameras missed that area, as I parked in a dead spot between 2 cameras, and nobody who was there for the Easter Egg hunt or the Embassy games saw anything.

I have really good insurance, so I probably won’t wind up paying anything, but this just rankles a lot. The fact that someone did that is bad enough, but to not leave a note is just effin’ ghetto. To make matters worse, the only people with access to that area on the weekends are other cleared Americans who work at the Embassy, so it had to have been someone I work with.

Luckily, I had a roll of black duct tape in the car emergency kit, so was able to rig it in place, but this pissed me off royally.

Buenas retardes. I hit your Beemer, man. Fuckin’ sorry!

Well, heavens, that’s just all kinds of useful. :rolleyes:

Mods, I’ve managed to find out what actually happened, and since it doesn’t look like I’m attracting any useful, or even literate, comment, please close this. Thanks.

Well, this is the pit: you can’t expect all kinds of useful down here. Nobody deserves Aeschines, of course.

What happened to the car? Just curious.

Hit by a wayward soccer ball, nobody is willing to cop to who did it, the official report says the guards noticed the alarm going off but not the damage.
(And for some reason didn’t think to call me, even when I had made sure to check in with them and give them my mobile number in case the Fedex guy came early or the examinees came in late).

Hang on, hang on…we can’t close this thread until it’s degenerated into a twelve-page “yes it is/no it isn’t” vitriolic argument about whether or not the use of “effin’ ghetto” is racially offensive.

:eek: :eek: :eek:

Where’s that close button?? Hurry, man!

(Thread closed at request of OP.)