To the genital wart in the Chinese restaurant tonight

Hey asshole!

Let me get this straight. You get “only” 3 cups of coffee during your meal and the plates weren’t cleared from the table fast enough for your liking, so you’re going to throw a literal temper tantrum in front of everyone at the restaurant? The waiter “almost” bumped into one of your kids and that warrants ranting and raving and slamming your fist on the counter like a deranged lunatic?

How many fucking cups of coffee do you NEED during one meal? Maybe if you cut down on your caffeine intake you wouldn’t be such an aggressive bastard.

You call the fucking COPS over your bill and whine on the phone about how you’re “being disrespected”? WTF? What did you expect them to do? Come down and arrest the restaurant manager for standing up to you and telling you “if you didn’t like the service, don’t leave a tip; but you ate, and you’re gonna pay for it?”

You are the classic definition of low class. Do you realize how fucking ignorant you looked tonight?

Oh, and by the way. That was me laughing my ass off, loudly (hopefully you heard me), when you turned to storm out of the restaurant and ran smack into the door. Yeah, the door says “Pull,” dipshit.

He called the police?


What happened? Did he pay?

Before he called the cops, he was swearing up and down that he was “only gonna pay for half the bill.”

After he got off the phone with the cops, it was “I’m gonna pay the whole bill but I want a receipt because I’m gonna get my money back.”

I’d love to be a fly on the wall when some lawyer he calls on Tuesday laughs their ass off at him.

he has children?

the horror, the horror

Cut to three months from now, when Judge Judy interrupts his mumbled explanation of why he deserves $1200 because he didn’t get his coffee fast enough and got disrespected and his children almost killed and bumped his nose on their unsafe exit door to yell at him and call him names. I can’t wait.

Yeah 3, and from the looks of his wife, another on the way.

So many wonderful people who are infertile and this piece of shit gets 4 kids? WTF?

Sounds to me like that overfull pustule is also a ticking time bomb. Maybe you’re lucky he didn’t come back with a gun for some “rough justice”. :eek:

Karma. I love it. :wally

Yes, Kiger, it was truly beautiful.

Was there something that happened to make him so mad? he sounds deranged…

I also wonder if there was anything at all that set this guy off. Did he receive anything less than decent service? Of course I don’t think any level of poor service would justify behavior like his, but maybe he was just really overracting to some real problems he was encountering.

Otherwise, assuming he did indeed receive adequate service, this sounds to me like he was trying to get a free or cheap meal from the beginning. I would guess that he had this outburst planned in advance, and may have tried it in the past as well. He may have figured that sooner or later someone at the restaurant would have the “customer is always right” philosophy and accept his demands.

Either way, this guy sounds like an asshole, and I’m glad the restaurant manager didn’t cave into him.

It’s too bad that he fathered children.

The title of this thread made me gag a little bit.

And the guy does sound like an asshole. It also sounds like he’s genuinely disturbed.

I feel sorry for the kids. Imagine having to grow up with an embarrassing asshole like that for a dad.

I only hope they find him embarrassing. Imagine if they see him as a role model…

This isn’t true, is it? I might complain a bit myself if I was only allowed 3 cups. He might be right about that.

But he was an asshole about all the other stuff, though…

That’s the funniest thing about people who get all worked up and create a scene…I’ve worked in restaurants for years, and I’ve also worked retail, and this sort of behavior always backfires. Nobody sympathizes with a person like this; everybody’s on the side of whoever this asshole is attacking. I mean, for all we know he could’ve gotten absolutely horrible service.

And at this point it doesn’t matter, because he’s created such a scene, and become such an asshole, that he’s wrong by default. I wish more people understood this; being polite and courteous is always the best way to get “justice” in any situation, particularly one where your bill is, shall we say, negotiable.

By the way, the few times people have behaved like the perp in the OP, I’ve always made fat “sympathy tips” off all my other customers just b/c they feel badly for me for having to put up with him or her.

So really, the bigger the scene, the more money the restaurant/server makes. Either way, they win, and the assholes lose.

[sub]And managers who encourage this type of behavior by rewarding assholes have, in my mind, a particularly warm spot in hell.[/sub]

The fact that anyone would want to drink coffee with Chinese food is what freaks me out. Afterwards - maybe. But during?

/slight hijack

When I was a young girl, I worked in a movie theater at the concession stand. On the eve of the premiere of Batman (in a one movie theater town) we were VERY busy. So busy in fact that my manager was popping popcorn (trust me, he didn’t deign to socalize with the masses on a regular basis). A lady ended up in my line, and ordered popcorn, which I got for her, straight from the bin where my manager was popping it, as we were completely out. I took it back to the lady, who complained loudly to her husband, and friends behind her that the popcorn was cold and stale and demanded that I replace it. I did so, getting the popcorn from the SAME PLACE, which she took and smugly replied that it was much better. She told her friends to “make sure this girl gives you fresh popcorn”. (My manager had caught part of all of this, and had moved around near my register to see how things played out…quietly filling the straw holders) Her friends looked horrified, I was ticked off beyond belief, but people are stupid, so I forgot about it completely.

I went about my job after the movie had started, thankful for the slow time, refreshing the candy bins and such, when a customer came to the counter. I stood up and asked if I could help her. She smiled smugly (lo and behold…yes, it was she) and asked if I’d remembered waiting on her earlier. She said that I was the rudest employee she’d ever encountered (I never said anything to her the first time she’d come around…I merely got her what she asked for…and probably sighed impatiently). She said that SHE owned a business, and if I’d worked for HER I would be fired for my behavior. She said that she wanted to call my manager (at home!!!) and talk to him about me. I gave her my name and his (spelling the name John, I was afraid that might be complicated for her) and said that his # was probably in the book. At this point my manager came down from his office, and I told her that he was here, and she was welcome to speak to him now. She went over to him and began yelling about me, getting into his face and ended up telling complete lies about what had happened. He assured her that I would be dealt with properly, and she happily returned to the theatrer to torture her friends and husband.

My boss walked up to me and said that he’d told the lady he would talk to me, and he hoped I understood what he was saying. Then he walked off. :smiley:

/errm…slightly longer than intended hijack off

As Audrey said, people who cause scenes often end up not accomplishing their goals at all. If you sound like a lunatic, you will be treated as such.


Really! You drink TEA in a Chinese restaurant! This asshole is not only obnoxious, he’s culturally illiterate, too!