To the goddamned wet-behind-the ears sherriff's deputy who incorrectly served me...

I would like you to go out, shove a nightstick up your ass, find an iced over flagpole, stick your tongue to it. If you had learned to read in the 2nd grade like the rest of us, you would not have had the problems like you did tonight.

The theatrics begin:

Tripler locks his front door, and walks out to his warm car. A Sherrif’s Dept. car pulls up rather fast, and out hops Officer Dippity Doo.

“Excuse me, sir, do you live at this address?” says Off. D.D.
“Uhh, yes sir. I rent it. Why, what’s the problem?” questions Tripler.

“Well, sir, it seems you have a warrant for your arrest, and we want to take you in. Please put your hands behind your back. . .”

“I beg your pardon?” an aghast Tripler gawks.

“Yes. Mr Baron. Please put your hands behind your back. You are under arrest for larceny in Bismarck.” (note the spelling of “Baron”)

“Whoa! I haven’t been to Bismarck. Who are you looking for?”

“You. We have a warrant for Mr. Jack Baron, 2nd Ave SW.”

“Um, I’m Rob Baran, and this is 2nd Street SE”.

“No sir. This is 2nd Ave SW, and you fit the description.”

“Hold on, I have identification . . .” Trip reaches for his wallet, but only gets halfway . . .

“STOP!” Officer Dippity Doo places his hand on his weapon. “Slowly put your hand on the car!”

“Hold on! Take it easy! This is the wrong address, and I am Rob Baran.”

“No this is the address I want, and you are the suspect.”

So, Tripler gets handcuffed in -20 below weather, and is searched. Upon finding his wallet, Officer Dippity Doo searches and finds 4 fucking pieces of identification. 1 military ID, 2 drivers lisences, and a blood donor card.

“So you claim to be Rob Baran?” says officer Dippity Doo.

“Yes sir. I’ve been trying to tell you all along. And this is 2nd Street SE.”

“Well my warrant is for this house, 2nd Ave SW.”

Tripler begins to explain to the newbie cop that he’s got the wrong house, and the wrong guy. Officer Dippity Doo shows signs of confusion, but won’t let up on the handcuffs. Tripler asks when the crime was, and finds out he has orders that show him out of town for two months during the date of the incident.

“Look, if you take these off, I we can go inside and I can show you orders and a graduation certificate saying that I was in Ohio the whole time.”

Meanwhile another patrol car shows up. By now, I can see neighbors peeping out of their windows. The new officer and Dippity Doo go over and converse. Tripler watches them reading the warrant, and the new officer point over at the street sign on the corner. After a few minutes of talk, officer Dippity Doo comes over and releases the handcuffs.
The other deputy drives off. . .

“Well, Mr Baran, it seems you were right after all. These things happen. Have a safe night . . .”

Tripler (our hero) is simply aghast as Dippity Doo the Dipshit simply walks off without so much as apology. After watching Dippity Doo speed off in his cruiser, he gets inside to warm up, read a new e-mail, call his folks to tell 'em what happened, and post this thread.

Great beginning to what may be a great night. And they give these morons guns. . . At least my car was warm when I got in again.
The Larcenist from Bismarck.

Because it happened to someone other than me, I find it highly amusing. :smiley:

If I was you, I’d write a long, narsty letter to the Sherriff.

I’m proud of you.
Considering that Hastur can get me stark raving mad over the internet, I have trouble picturing myself dealing with that cop.
::cut away to Freedom handcuffed and kicking a big dent into the deputy dog’s car door::

::cut away to Freedom in leg cuffs banging his head into deputy dog’s window::

::cut away to a straight jacketed Freedom trying to explain to the Pyschologist that he had my name all wrong and this is just some horrible mix-up::

::cut away to Freedom’s PIT rant in 2007 when he gates out of jail::

All in all, I think you handled it much better than I would have:)

You handled it well.

So,…You going to find a lawyer?

Not that Deputy Dumbass’s actions are not wrong, but anyone who would seriously consider a lawsuit over that is a fucking dick.

Contact your local newspaper–they might well be interested in the story.

I won’t. I generally support cops, including when they fuck up royally. Instead of taking a lawsuit to the Ward County Sherrif’s Dept, I’d rather smack Dippity Doo around like a little beeatch. Some jackasses deserve a beating, especially when they won’t listen to reason. . .
I mean, I really hate the ignorant. . .

ACK! That sucks, hon.

But friedo’s right…it’s strangely amusing. :slight_smile:

Hey no worries, I am willing to bet Dippity Doo is getting ragged on by his co-workers. At least he did not have you dragged to the station before realizing the mistake.


No, you should either sue, or file an official complaint. That was “false arrest” (IANAL).

At the very least you are owed an apology. If you do sue- sue for $1 or something, tho.

The mental imagery is sorta funny… Kudos for keeping your cool, that’s the way to tackle these situations.

You should file a complaint, though. “Who guards our guardians ?” and all that - that officer used way too much force, something that will turn around and bite him sooner or later.

Allow a furriner to ask a silly question: Isn’t here a compensation procedure in place for stuff like this ? I agree that firing up the entire court system for this is serious overkill, but doesn’t someone locally have discretion to hand out a compensation along with an apology ? Back home, you’d file a complaint, a senior police officer would look through it, agree that the idiot junior deputy had screwed up and make an offer to settle for the standard compensation if you’d agree not to pursue the case further, making everybody’s life miserable in the process. You’d go home with a cheque and the offending officer would get a demerit for breaking the general “avoid being a pain in the butt” directive.

S. Norman

Well, this being America and all…
Cops don’t have the authority to just, “cut a check.” Otherwise they would be cutting out a whole segment of the checks and balances.

Plus, we have a long and great tradition of embezzelment and litigation in this country. You can bet that the cops would be paying their buddies for “accidentaly” arresting them, and we would have 1000 people per week in each town filing for their “settlement.”


If you want to feel a little better about yourself, you could rent the movie Brazil. It is about serving an arrest warrant on the wrong guy. You will finish that movie HAPPY about deputy dog’s actions:)


At what point did the officer use to much force? When an officer is in the course of his duties you keep your hands visible and still the whole time. You don’t move your hands until he ask you to. The officer has no idea whether any given suspect is armed or not. If someone reaches back to get their wallet how is he suppose to know they aren’t going for a gun? Putting his hand on his sidearm and saying “Slowly put your hands on the car” was the right response.

Another thing, in the states if an officer tells you to get your hands behind your back then you do it. Don’t argue with the guy because you’re not going to win and you’re only going to piss him off. Even if you’re right and he’s wrong you are better off being polite. If he hand’t gotten so much arguement from this guy he probably would have let him go fairly quickly after he was handcuffed and had a chance to look through his identification. Think about it from the officers perspective.


Compensation for what? You can contact the local government or police station and file a complaint. Some cities have civilian review boards that go over such complaints. It could go on the officers record, he could get a reprimand, or fired if the offense was serious enough.

Ignorant. Nobody taught you to keep your hands still when a cop is doing his job? He probably would have listened to reason if you didn’t argue with him and didn’t reach for your wallet without permission.


I need to make something clear:

I do not believe in suing an organization for the clear-cut stupidity of an individual. Oh, believe me, I’m typing up a letter to the Sherriff right now explaining the situation, but I am not seeking damages, not seeking fame, not seeking to damage Dippity Doo’s reputation. Yes, he needs to be corrected, and I believe smacked upside the head for a clearly moronic performance of intelligence (he got the wrong side of TOWN for God’s sake), but that is what in-house regulations are for. I’m sure the Sherriff will take care of this.

*Originally posted by MGibson *

No. Nobody teaches you that. If they did I was out sick that day. . . Besides, it was the first time I was ever served. I don’t think it’s something you really get trained for. Ya gotta wing it. . .

And true, he did order me to put my hands behind my back, and I did (albeit didn’t post it), but broke from that position before he approached to slap on some wrist-iron. So yeah, I biffed on that one, and it was more of a discussion than an arguement. And he was not listening to any reason. It took him two or three minutes of listening to another officer to get it right. But when you deal with morons, sometimes you just have to put your life on the line for the cause of knowledge! :smiley:

And I don’t think he actually officially arrested me. I mean, he never read me my rights. He advised me of the charge, but I don’t think the arrest is complete until you hear your rights and understand them, right?

Wing it. What the hell else can ya do?

Honestly, in retrospect I don’t think he did. He put his hand on his sidearm to protect himself. I think his lack of navigational skills will get him some flak tho . . .

At least he didn’t draw his sidearm.

THe fact of the matter is that the cop was not listening to reason. He went up to Tripler convinced that he had the right man and was unwilling to listen to proff that he had the wrong man, at the wrong address. That is Ignorance. After all, you are innocent until proven guilty.
Yes, he is trained to follow a correct procedure, but if he will not listen to reason, Tripler has every reason to rant.

Trips, you’re right not to sue, but you would also be right to file a complaint if you wish. Mistakes should be brought to light, if only to educate the officer in question to be more thorough in his duties.

Send him a street map as a present.

Bahaha! Oh hell, can you imagine?! He’d probably think it was a bomb and have it x-rayed first. Nothing amiss, so he slowly opens it in front of his colleagues to find a neatly folded map of the city. I wish I could be a fly on the wall for that one!

Tripler, sounds like a horrible, embarrassing situation. I think you are right to file a complaint, and I’m sure the guy is being tortured by his coworkers right now.

IANAL either, but I seem to remember something like if the officer was acting “in good conscience” (or something like that), then they’re immune from prosecution. My recall is based on a case when they used a front-end loader to bust into a crack house, and, oops, it was the wrong house. Yes, they had to pay for damages, but they couldn’t be sued because they really did believe they had the right house.