To the HFStival participants on Metro on Saturday, 5/25

Cool thing to use public transit to get to the HFStival, folks, but you know what? There are others using the subway system too! You didn’t have to push your way onto the car just before the doors were closing–another train would arrive in a few minutes; this was at Gallery Place on the Blue/Yellow line. The train was already fairly crowded, unfortunately, and there were some young children standing who I’m sure felt overwhelmed by the crush of big folks. The worst, though, was the surge to get off the train at L’Enfant Plaza! A woman and her small son (he looked 5-6 to me) were nearly trampled as people pushed and shoved to get off. Argh, a bad scene all around–this is why I don’t ride Metro very often…don’t even get me started on the tourists! LOL And I won’t go into the PDAs I witnessed during this ride, nor the girl who was showing off her bellybutton piercing! (not something I wanted to see, mind you–you can pierce whatever you like, honestly, but I don’t want to see or hear all about it! LOL)

Not much of a rant, but at least I got that off my chest. And yes, I was young once, many years ago, but it never prevented me from being curteous. :slight_smile:


What’s a HFStival?

It’s a rock concert that the DC-area rock station WHFS puts on every May.

It had its share of problems this year.

So it has. But really, you put a bunch of kids together in that circumstance and such things will happen.

I’ve attended about 10 HFStival (and other large and similar events) and injuries are not only common…they’re expected. And so it goes. It’s like we learn nothing about crowd control ever.

Or maybe it’s just an extension of that whole ‘human beings in groups’ thing.

Ohh thank god for a minute there I thought this was directed at me since I was on the Metro on Sat heading to the HFStival but I know you couldn’t have been talking to me since I was on the Orange line and my station was New Carrolton.

The only one I went to was three years ago (I think), up in Baltimore. If they had similar problems then, I missed it.

Every HFStival that I’ve been to I always saw at least one injury, either from fights or the mosh pit. My first year there I had a fight break out with three guys against one. I got a little peeved when they trampled my blanket.

MannyL, how was it this year? I skipped because I didn’t really care for any of the bands in the line up.

LOL No, MannyL, it wasn’t you then. Those folks were on a Yellow line, riding from Gallery Place to L’Enfant Plaza. I just do not like crowds, especially in enclosed spaces (like Metro cars :)). Sorry to hear about the injuries that occured at the concert, too. I think I’ve been to maybe 3 “big scene” concerts, many years ago, and decided that I just wasn’t very good at dealing with large numbers of people all together in one place. And like I said, the smaller the space, the worse it is for me.


Asylum it was alright this year. This is the 3rd year I’ve gone for. I have a friend who works at the station so I get to spend some time with him and his fiance as well as see some bands. I felt last years lineup was better. I also didn’t appreciate the people spilling beer on me, flicking ashes on me and kicking me when I was trying to relax on the field and just listen to the musig during whoever’s set it was before Hoobastank. I was annoyed that Emenim didn’t do full songs but it was enjoyable over all. Well worth the trip down from NJ