To The Idiot Who Destroys Air Pumps

I hope you die a flaming death! You find it fun to slice off the end of an air hose? Why?
I woke up this morning to an almost-flat tire. So I drove to the nearest gas station-only to find the air pump broken (somebody had vanadalized for the thrid time. The owner isn’t fixing it anymore. I drove to a second station, only to find that some idiot had cut the hose. Finally, I was able to fill the tire.
I hope the idiot that gets off doing this dies because a tire blows out-what a dumb thing to do!:frowning:

You can get a compressor that plugs into your cigarette lighter for fifteen bucks and you’ll never have to rely on finding a gas station again.

They die when you’re using them. I had it happen twice. Save your money.

You’re ignoring the fact that there’s a depraved, serial air hose slicer running amok somewhere.

Won’t somebody think of the air hoses?

Mine’s a couple years old, replacing the one I had for ten years before that. Air at the gas station is 75 cents a whack. I AM saving money.

Fuck him with a hose.

Maybe the availability of free air at gas stations varies by region, but where I live (West Texas), it is very easy to find places that offer it.

And to answer the OP, people slice the hoses because they’re there.

I think of my hose alot. Alot alot.

They charge for air??!!!
It’s a basic human right.

In America, making money is a basic human right–it always takes precedence over “free” (re: Alexis de Tocqueville) :wink:

It’s beat him with a rubber hose, which works great when the hose has been cut off.

Now I’m thinking of the article where a man was using the air at a gas station to blow up raccoons to skin them. It happened a couple years ago so I can’t find the article.

Zoiks! Your comment led me to Google “raccoon air hose” and I found this

According to a friend who has worked for years in gas stations/auto repair shops, most of the sliced or cut off air hoses are caused by cars running over them as they lay on the ground.

So blame the jerk who used it last time, and then just tossed it on the ground rather than hanging it back up on the hook. Rather than blaming a depraved, serial air hose slicer who probably doesn’t exist.

Which reminds me of the workers in a pig processing plant that had extreme immune responses because of blowing the pig brains out with air and breathing in the mist. Story.

I would say blowing out brains with an air hose is not very safe and definitely gross no matter. I wanted to work in brain matter here some how. Wait no brainer. I can get one of those jobs.

I thought it was up your nose with a rubber hose.

It’s my understanding that you can cut your hose if they don’t come back with all your motherfucking money

I figured it would be gross gray matter.


I thought this would be porn. I moused over the url to see what it linked to, and I still thought it was porn, on account of it being the internet and all.

You know, some months ago one of my tires was running low on air, and I went to six different gas stations before I could find an air pump that worked. I was almost tempted to just drive around until my tire exploded and say, “Fuck it, I’ll just die and kill everyone on the road,” but finally, exasperated, about one billion miles from home, found a working air pump.

Actually, here in California, state law requires gas stations to provide free air and water to any customer who buys diesel or gasoline.

Whaah? So I can walk into, say, Unical 76, and say to the cashier, “Fill up pump #8, plus some air. I will not be paying your ‘required’ 50 cents for the air, by the way,” and that’s totally okay?