To The Idiot Who Destroys Air Pumps

The air pumps I have used the past few years (“If I wanted to check my own air I wouldn’t have gotten married” :rolleyes:) needed, for some reason, a length of hose between the lever and the hose, with its pressure gauge. With one arm (old school pumps) I suddenly saw I needed a fourth hand to press the head against the valve, which I rarely have. WTF happened to the brass tube that used to allow us to inflate our tires without demanding the use of more than one hand?

And how does this NOT violate the ADA?


The relevant law is contained in Section 13651 of the California Business and Professions Code:

If a station does have air and water, or refuses to provide it free to customers who purchase gas or diesel, there is also a complaint form that you can send to Sacramento.

If you buy gas, the attendant is meant to either turn on the air hose, or provide you with a token to activate it.

Ha! I lived in CA for 24 years, several of which were past Jan 1, 2000 and I don’t think I ever saw one of those signs, let alone one that was “conspicuous.” I’ve paid for air *and *gas more than once since 2000. I think I’ll go sue someone for $3.50 now.

The $ 20 to 30 plastic bodied ones die like files, I went through 2 before I coughed up 70.00 for a more rugged steel bodied model that has lasted me several years and many inflations.

I was referring to the ones that were said to be a cheap $15. Even the mid range $40 units have a plastic gear that shreds when they start to deal with any amount of back pressure and starting up. The situation of pausing to get a pressure reading and restarting the pump shreds the gear. The only kind worth spending money on are more expensive ones because they don’t use a plastic gear. It’s one fatal flaw that cheapening the product parts introduced while making the whole item worthless. We have an old tank compressor that gets pressure to around a 120 psi now. I fixed it about two years ago.

CA passed a law that It must provide compressed air if you buy fuel? Fantastic. Sheesss. That it needs to be done by the legislature is very, very sad.

Running around like a monkey on crack (nothing against monkeys) while you try to get your $.75 of air before the machine quits is ridiculous. Pff.pff.pff.pff.pffpffffff. Those silly things can’t inflate a tire that is low. You pretty much have to own your own compressor nowadays.

In Connecticut, state law requires gas stations to provide free air to people during normal business hours even if they’re not purchasing fuel.

While most gas stations do still have coin slots, all you have to do is to ask the cashier to turn on the air machine for free. I usually have to have them do it twice to get all four tires. I’ve never had a cashier question me, and I’ve never put money in the coin slots.

The intent of the law is to encourage people to not drive around with underinflated tires, thereby wasting fuel.

Compressing it isn’t.

This is the reason long ago I bought a 50-gallon “Conan the Compressarian” air compressor for my home.

Oh, that and all my air tools…

Yes. And if the Democrats stop being obstructionists and actually cared about Americans, we would have UCA (universal compressed air). :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve owned nothing but cheap pumps and had no problems with gears stripping out. They really aren’t up to going from flat to full recommended inflation, but they get 20-25 psi into a tire in less time than putting on the spare. You can then limp to a garage to get the tire properly fixed.

I’ve had 2 pumps stolen in some 35 years I’ve carried one, but never have I worn one out. Maybe I’ve never worn one out because I settle for approx. 25 psi and don’t push for 35.

I also have a portable air tank that I fill @ one of the few free-air places left in my vicinity. If I have an overnight flat, the tank is much faster than the pump.

If you have driving-age children living at home, your tank will never have air. You need a pump, as well.

Man, so many wasted quarters… :frowning:

I have the old-fashioned kind that you pump with your foot. It hasn’t broken so far, nor have I felt the need to shell out for the electric kind, and I never have to go more than 5 yards (from my front door to my car) to fill up my tyres. I’ve saved a lot over the years, didn’t waste fuel driving anywhere to do it, without draining any power off my battery, and best of all it’s a little workout for my arse and legs. That’s the kind of exercise you need to prevent “wasted quarters”.

Aerosolized BRAINS? Calling zombie entrepreneurs, I think we’ve got a winner here! Kind of like spray cheese.

Check out the Big Brain on mhendo! Or the mad google foo.:slight_smile:

The weird thing is, around here, air is totally free. You don’t have to put money into it at all. And there are also no serial air hose cutters around either.

I know in some places they charge a minimal fee (like a quarter) so kids don’t just play with the hose or whatever.

I imagine it must be like $9.00 in NYC, though. :slight_smile:

Count me among those that got cheap cig lighter compressors because it became too hard to find free and or working air pumps and cause I need them for more than just the vehicle. It stays in the vehicle though so I always have it with me.

First was a 10 dollar cheapy that got used quite a lot before I lent it to a friend and let him keep it. Splurged about 35 bucks on the current one that’s about 3 times faster and have never had a problem. I use it very often, never had a problem, and if it broke today I would say I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it and would buy another immediately.

Hose slicing dick heads aside, I recommend a cheap compressor.

Some people cut off the end of the hose if the compressor accepts the money but refuses to supply air, or if the chuck is damaged so it won’t work correctly on the Schreader valve. Serves two purposes: 1) Warns the next customer 2)Spite.

A note over the coin slot would be vastly superior and not criminal.