To the mother with the I.Q. of a bag of frozen peas...

Dear Idiot:

I’ve witnessed you picking up your 3-year old son at daycare for a number of weeks now, and I must make a few comments.

-While I, and everyone else within a two-mile radius, enjoy the booming Eminem, 50 cent, and Dr. Dre music eminating from your dangerously overloaded speakers, perhaps your son’s ears could stand a break from the bombardment.

-Once the music is turned down, and it’s confirmed that your young child still can, in fact, hear, maybe you could try speaking to him. It’s called conversation. Amazingly enough, even three-year old children can have them.

-While we’re on the subject, if you would lose the cigarette from the one hand and the cell phone from the other, your child may be able to: one, breathe and two, talk to you. Well, yell at you over the music anyway.

-Finally, please do not breed again until you’re ready and able to fucking grow up and act like a mother to your child. He’s begging for attention. Believe me, I see it every day when I pick up my own child from the classroom and your child is hanging from my leg. Give up a measly 10% of your precious “me-time” to give to your boy and maybe your son will have a chance to grow into a semi-normal adult.

That is all.

oh yeah, i’ve seen that skit on MAD TV- very funny

Damn, some people should be forcibly sterilized. coyasicanbe, I don’t know how you keep your mouth shut when she comes. I seriously think you should print out your letter and give it to her. That is child abuse.

I see it too. It drives me crazy.

The unceremonious drop off tears my heart out. And, the time I hopped out of my car as they were pulling away. He was standing in the back seat, pointing at me and yelling so he could be heard, “Riley’s Dad!”. He’s always liked me, since I would play with him. I looked in that bitch’s car the next day, and she didn’t have a fucking car seat. For a two and a half year old.

He bites and hits and kicks my son. He calls my son his best friend. The teachers give him attention when he’s bad. (They are changing this, hopefully it will work)

Another mother comes in reeking of alcohol and/or pot on a regular basis.

Day Care in the city can be a tough place. I was saddened when one of the teacher’s said to me “You’re one of the few good parents” I do nothing extraordinary. I hang out with my son until he’s comfortable in the morning, and I make a big deal when I pick him up. I thought the majority of parents did the same. I was wrong.

Mind if I join this rant to offer to rip the frickin phone out of the hands of the woman I saw in the grocery store yesterday? She was on her cell phone very louding declaring how her kid was misbehaving and how she regretted taking her to the store. Meanwhile the kid is sitting in the cart whining and crying and pulling things off the shelves.

Hey, brain trust! Did you ever think that maybe if you paid a little attention to the kid she might not be doing that?! Even I know that trips to grocery stores are not the most fun thing for a little kid to do. Is ignoring her so you can bitch to your friend on the phone helping the situation at all?

Now recite that OP to the woman concerned.
(same can be said of most OPs in the Pit)

My neighbor has her kids in day care from 6:30 AM to about 6:00 PM each day. Not a big deal, but when she gets a few days off the kids still go to day care. I’m not sure she could figure out what to do with them for a whole day. Hugging, snuggling and having fun is not in the equation. Sad.

Am I just a real freaking weirdo here? I used to take days off when my son was in daycare specifically for the reason of SPENDING THE DAY WITH HIM AND DOING THINGS WITH HIM! He’s in Jr. High now and we STILL do that every once in awhile.

When he was in daycare, I would go during my lunch hour TO daycare when I was working and have LUNCH with him - when they went to the Forest Preserves for “camp stuff” in the summer, I’d join them EVERY DAY AT LUNCH TO BE WITH MY SON AND SHOW HIM MOM LOVES HIM AND CARES ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON IN HIS LIFE - is there something way wrong with me?

Why in the world do people have children they are interested in? I feel BLESSED - no, GRATEFUL AND APPRECIATIVE AND HONORED - to be my son’s mother - and to be able to spend the time I’m able to with him. If I’m a good person, I owe it to HIM.

I just don’t get it. But I’m pretty jaded about a lot of things lately…