to the scumbags who caused a ten-mile traffic jam this morning

I’ve absolutely had it with being stuck in an hour-long traffic jam every morning on I-40 because every morning there’s a damn 4 or 5-car pileup!!! People must take an idiocy pill before getting behidn the wheel, that’s the only explanation I can think of. Damn Dumbasses!!!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: And then everyone rubbernecks on both sides of the highway to add to the mess!! :mad: :mad: :mad: I say, bring back the pillory and stock so that we can once again toss rotten fruit or what not at these scumbags who cause accidents (not the innocent parties involved) on a major highway during rush hour :smiley: If the guilty party lacks auto insurance or is driving drunk, toss horse manure or acid at them while they’re in the pillory:D

::gets out her bag of whatnot and joins Lucy::


And a big shout out to the rubberneckers that held me up in traffic for 20 minutes today. Newsflash: If the accident doesn’t pose you danger and is nowhere near you, don’t freaking look at it! Watch the news!!!

I love working at home. Here’s my commute: Down the stairs, take a left.

Hehe a little over the top, don’t you think? I do hate rubberneckers, though. Ontario seems to be full of them, and the 400-series highways are basically parking lots 90% of the time due to accidents, or just poor driving, and rubberneckers! I love listening to the radio when I drive home - I don’t live in Toronto, but the Toronto stations cover traffic, and it always makes me laugh to hear the DJ comment about the idiots slowing down to look at the accidents, or the stalled car, or the guy talking on his cell phone on the side of the road, or the blown bits of tire, or the grass along the roadside, or the sun in the sky…really, some people just can’t figure out that if THEY stop on the highway, everyone behind them does as well!.

My advice? Find the back roads. I took a back road (well, as opposed to the highway) to go to work last summer in Mississauga, and although it was about 10-15 km longer, it was a good 30-45 minutes shorter a drive because there was no traffic (other than the occasional tractor, but you can usually get around them in less than 10 minutes).

Yeah, but what if you’re reading a newspaper at the same time, stumble and then fall down, thus causing a staircase pile-up of the people following behind you?

Can someone at home give you a ticket for “Making an illegal left-turn on read?”


The road to hell is paved with the bodies of rubberneckers.

I cancelled my newspaper sub a long time ago, and besides who can read first thing in morning anyway? I can barely see.

Besides, there’s no chance of a pile-up behind me anyway. If you had two crazy dogs in the bedroom with you just raring to fly downstairs for their morning run, you’d let them go first too. :smiley: Once they and hubby are outside, I’m golden.

Ooo! Slow down, I wanna see the bodies!


And this is why I stay on surface traffic instead of going through the Big I, at least during rush hour.

This pisses me off a lot as well. I mean, sure, it’s sometimes interesting but don’t gods damn stop!

I was following a mini-van along a regular 3 lane road passing an accident where the fire department was cutting someone out. So what? I wanted to go, but noooo, fucking mini-van wanted to STOP, in the only gods damn free lane and fucking watch! Holy shit I was so closing to laying on my horn (but with all the police, I didn’t). After the stupid fucker moved on I jammed on my gas and accelerated…to the speed limit :smiley:

I think most traffic isn’t caused by accidents though. Mostly it’s dumb ass a to b drivers who aren’t even fully awake, taking every opportunity to slow down while more traffic gets in front of them, while making really bad lane changes (which usually include braking then butting in) and people (and trucks) sitting in the left passing lane while not passing…gods I could go on and on. If I was a god, the minimal speed on any highway would be 100 kph regardless of conditions :smiley:

A somewhat minor point, but one that has bothered me for awhile: the subject of rubbernecking.
When you are driving down a highway and an accident occurs directly in front of you…I mean directly in front of you; not, say, a quarter mile in front of you…you are going to hit the brakes. For your own safety.

Which causes the guy behind you to hit the brakes.

Which causes the guy behind him* to hit the brakes.

Which causes the guy behind HIM to hit the brakes; even as by then YOU are accelerating…

And so forth and so on…a lot of people slowing down at an accident site due as much to the people ahead of them slowing down as due to rubbernecking.

Although lord knows we do have our share of those, too…