To Wally & other connoisseurs of Toronto cuisine

Please help me!!!

I am the secretary/treasurer (and de facto President) of a group called Society of Uniformed Endocrinologists, or appropriately S.U.E. My main duty is to arrange our annual dinner meeting, which is held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society. This year’s meeting in in Toronto, June 20-24.

I would sincerely appreciate any suggestions for restaurants which would be able to accomodate a group of 60-80 people in a single room. Ideal features would include:

  • “typical” Toronto fare (I admit gross ignorance as to exactly what that might represent)
  • penthouse or lakeshore view
  • close to convention center & surrounding hotels
  • catering menus with a per person price in the US $50-70 range (typically translates to entrees of ~$25-30)

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Sue from El Paso

Does being married to another poster make me part of a clique?

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A whole bunch of endocrinologists all together in Toronto?

Now that’s got my juices flowing!

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Ooooh, I can’t remember what it is called, but there is this killer italian place about 2 miles from the Sheraton Centre headed towards the CN tower. I will try to find the name for you…

everything is downtown, prices in CAD

with a view:

Westin Harbour Castle Hilton - Lighthouse (haven’t been for a while, food was fine not great)

CN Tower - 360 (excellent view, very good food, limited menu although canadian, will accommodate large groups, prix fixe menu is around $50-60)

TD Centre - Canoe (excellent view, large groups could be a problem, FANTASTIC food one of our favourites)

without a view:
Leoni’s - very good Italian food, can accommodate groups, food is served in platter-sized portions to be shared

Harbour 60 - I’ve not been, but good things are being said:

Current reviews and other links:

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Thanks Cantara, the links will help a lot. Even though this is Sue’s baby, I will have to do most of the web surfing because of time constraints. I also get to go to Toronto in February – not fun for a cold hater like me. Last year the meeting was in San Diego and I didn’t mind that one a bit.

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How did I miss this OP?

Anyway, let me rummage in my drawer for books of matches. I save them. I have hundreds. Should be able to find a suitable spot.

Just off the top of my head, the Harbour Castle is a bit pricy.

I think you should try for the CN Tower. Talk about a view! I found the food to be average, but my wife says it’s very good. I guess it depends on what you order.

I’ll see what i can dig up and post it tomorrow.

So…how was…?

There are many good restaurants on “The Esplanade”. Good food, reasonable price, and just a stones throw from many landmarks including the CN Tower, SkyDome, the Hockey Hall Of Fame and The Hummingbird Centre (Plays, concerts)…but no view.
Any of Shopsy’s deli restaurants are excellent, casual and a lot of fun. (Especially Shopsy’s TV land on King Street, I believe.)
Actually, there are lots of good places on King. (Joe Rockheads, Elephant & Castle, Fred’s Not Here etc.) June would be a perfect time to stroll the srea and try a few different things since everybody and his brother has a patio.
I was at at Westin Harbour Castle last week for Canadian Music Week and it is a bit pricey for medicore food.
If you like seafood, try Captain John’s. It’s a boat in drydock at Toronto Harbour. Lemme look around and get back to you…

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