To what degree does having Omicron protect against other variants?

Yes, my whole family has had it for a week, and our booster shots have been postponed - our second vax is now 5 months old.

To what degree are we at risk from more serious strains like Delta (which is still around 1/3 of the cases here I believe)?

I’ve done some googling but it’s all very tentative!

Omicron in a nutshell.

I think tentative is about the best you’re going to get at this point, but your original vaccinations protect you pretty well from Delta and an Omicron infection appears to provide at least some additional protection. Precise numbers just take more time.

At least one study found people who developed immunity to Omicron have increased chances of neutralizing delta. Infection with delta or beta did not do that for prior variants.

After confirming that all the participants were infected with Omicron, the scientists looked at how the antibodies of infected people could neutralise the virus. What they found was that, after 14 days, not only did their ability to neutralise Omicron increase by up to 14.4 times, but so did their ability to neutralise Delta, by as much as 4.4 times. By contrast, say the researchers, infection with Delta does not boost protection against previous variants, like Beta, nor vice versa.

Thanks folks! That is somewhat reassuring, at least.

I have to say this is a weird disease, it seems to run backwards. My first symptoms were over a week ago and were really mild; it’s been getting steadily worse ever since. I now have a quite sore throat on one side, and general lethargy and tiredness.

My partner has what feels like a head cold without the runny nose, an almost-headache, and a vile taste in her mouth all the time. And the tiredness!