To Whom Can I Send My Picture?

Recently I caught a thread about who’s “hot” on SDMB (and I think Slainte is, though she looks too young for me), and I would like to be included, if that’s okay with y’all?

So who do I send my picture to?

Thanks very much!


OpalCat cat would be your best bet…(now where did I put her email address?)

Help anyone?

I think you can put it up yourself, if you set up a profile at
I am only fairly certain about this though.

Max Carnage was the one maintaining the most recent picture web site. Maybe you could e-mail him? I went to the site once, but failed to bookmark it, sooo…

Here’s the site

Click on Max Carnage for his email.

[hijack] Slainte is definitely hot, but also a very sweet person. I’m very thankful for getting to know her, and look forward to meeting her one day. [/hijack]


:slight_smile: Thanks for your kind words. I almost never do “vanity” searches but I was out of town for 4 days & thought I’d check to see if I missed anything. Color me surprised to actually see a thread turn up with my name in it. I probably am too young for your taste being that I just turned 26 and IIRC, you are 52. More’s the pity that one of us isn’t a different age, as you seem quite nice. I read about the post office lady and I was cheering you on; still am - hope you find someone good.

:wink: Wow - how lucky can a girl get in just one thread? Two sweet compliments. First of all, likewise. You are one of my favorite people here. You are sweet, good looking, and married (just like all of the good men I know!). I would love to meet you & Kat - I’ll have to try to make it to a NC Dopefest next time someone arranges one, or if you guys ever get to Charleston.

[sub]So why is it that no nice, single guy who is remotely near my age and in my state has found me yet?[/sub]




Oh my God! I had no idea you people were so attractive!:smiley:

I forgot about

I had to dash over and build a profile for myself. :smiley:

You could do something like this:

if that doesn’t work you can just download the file and change the extension to “.jpg” as geocities doesn’t allow pics :smiley:
Funny pic of me,stoned with newly bleached hair that came out orange:eek:

Cool, I got myself a profile now. That’s me in the Great Thar Desert.

I have a profile too! Under my new username, complete with picture. w00t!

For a gazelle, you’ve got some weird antlers.


Alright…I admit it…I can’t find any of y’alls pictures (okay, i’ve found a few on opal’s board).

Is my head just filled with rotting milk or, and this is more likely since I continue to breath, am I just missing something…

Well you could send it to me on my email address listed in my profile. Course I’d be the only one that would see it…

It’s on the way. :smiley:


Sorry to revive this thread, but I was setting up a profile for me and the pictures won’t link. Well, they do, then the links disappear soon after. :confused:

So, do Yahoo not allow anyone to link to images on their homepages? (I uploaded the pictures to my own webpage & linked to them there)