Tobacco-less Cigs

Does anyone remember a few years ago, one of the big tobacco companies came out with a “steam” cigarette? It was something like a tube with a heater in it, when you lit it, the heater made some menthol flavored steam that you could inhale like a regular cigarette. Apparantly, it was a commercial flop.

I was wondering, since the tobacco companies are under such heavy fire lately, if the time was better for the re-introduce these things. They could market it as a healthy alternative to tobbaco. There was no nicotine in them (that I remember) but they would go a long way in helping folks that can break the nicotine habit, but have trouble breaking the smoking habit.

Any if you don’t smoke, believe me, the 2 are separate addictions. I have been able to break the nicotine habit several times, but still crave smoking, even if there was no nicotine.

Yup, you’re talking about the difference between addiction (to the nicotine) & habituation (to the physical act of smoking). & I’m with you on this one. I quit smoking about a year ago, & I stopped nic fitting after a couple of weeks, but the desire to want to have a cigarette is still not entirely gone, especially when I’m drinking. Also it’s nice to have something to do with your hands, & when there’s an awkward silence in a conversation, you can light up & it gives you something to do for a couple of minutes.

Quit for 8 years; took it up again 4 years ago. Reading your post, I got to wondering - how about a tobacco-less cigarette WITH nicotine? I use the nicotine gum to get me thru my work day (can’t smoke at work, of course, and don’t want to go outside); I have to be careful not to smoke too soon after using the gum. With a “cigarette” with nicotine but not the carcinogens…yeah I’d still be hooked, but it won’t kill me.

I remember reading and interview with the actor who plays “The Cigarette Smoking Man” on the X Files, and he said he only uses non-tobacco herbal cigarettes when shooting the smoking scenes. I assume you still get tar, carbon monoxide and other nasties when inhaling, but at least the nicotine monkey is off your back


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The reason people who have stopped smoking start back up again is because they still crave nicotine. Just because the “nicotine fits” have stopped does not mean your body and brain have forgotten that drugged feeling. If you think otherwise, you’re just fooling yourself (which is ok with me).

Sorry, uh-uh. To me, the act of smoking was much more difficult to quench then the nic-fit. In fact, I never even had nic-fits. I quit cold turkey with no problems whatsoever. The urge to relapse only came during situations where it had been natural for me to smoke, such as out drinking at bars, during heavy conversation, driving, after a meal, and uhhh after something else. If I wasn’t involved in any of the above aggravating circumstances, my craving for a cig would be exactly nil, zero, zip, nada.
I truly believe that cigarettes become a time-filler for most addicts, and they just get used to lighting up. Its really just like any other bad habit, you just sort of fall into the pattern and it becomes second-nature to do it.
I don’t deny that nicotine can be addictive, (especially to some people more then others), but I do not believe that it’s even the main reason most people are addicted to smoking. If it were thus, I’d have resorted to chewin’ tabbacky.

Exactly. The nicotine buzz helps enforce the behavior patterns. Damn Pavlov anyway. Once the patterns are established, one can often eliminate the drug with a minimum of withdrawal pain (especially if done gradually), but the behavior remains.

I’ve made my way down from Camels to Camel Lights to Camel Ultra Lights without a hassle (it’s kinda likr getting used to skim milk–once you’re used to it it’s fine), but I still smoke as many cigarettes as ever. Until I manage to put the damn things down and force myself to change my habits (that is, where and when I smoke) I’ll never be able to quit.


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So if what you guys are saying were true, people would have the same trouble kicking a chewing gum habit. Sorry, but that’s not the way these things work. The desire to smoke another cigarette is due to nicotine addiction, not the desire to “fill time” or to have something to put in your mouth (heh) or something to do with your hands. If that were the case, you could easily make do with an unlit cigarette. Yehright.

You’re parroting the tobacco company executives before Congress arguments. Fooey.

Fooey yourself, Nick. I wasn’t being clear, and didn’t emphasize my second sentence enough. An addiction to ciggies is not purely behavioral, nor is it purely chemical. The nicotine makes you feel good, enforcing behavior. I get nicotine when I hold a cigarette in my hand and smoke it, therefore holding a cig gets reinforced. Good boy, now push this little lever and get a treat.

Sure, standing around with an unlit smoke is not going to be the same, because there’s no reward. But it is possible to lower the amount of the drug one’s ingesting, possible even to taper off to nothing. Those are the folks who chew matchsticks, gum, carrot sticks, etc after they quit.

Chewing gum isn’t chemically addictive, so it’s easier to change the behavior patterns associated with gum chewing. You don’t get a buzz from gum. Well, most gum. I remember this hash bar in Amsterdam with the greatest vending machine . . .


“Listen Children Eternal Father Eternally One!” Exceptions? None!
-Doc Bronner

I have to agree with Nick on this one. I’m a smoker (40 yrs.), and even when I’m busy I still crave a smoke. Even “lights” have some nicotine. Quite a bit, as a matter of fact. That’s why nobody smokes really low nic cigs. Some pretty overwhelming evidence points to nicotine = addiction.
I’ve “quit” several times, once for over a year, and always went back.
Some people just don’t get addicted. To cigs, alchohol, heroin, or any other drug. Some get addicted to one drug and not to others. Big mystery why that is.

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