Today I Bought The Most Boring Book Ever Published.

I was in a hurry and saw the book reduced from $70 to $12. I have another book by the author which is quite good, so I bought this sight unseen.

It is titled ‘Casualties Of The German Air Sevice 1914 - 1920’. It is that- a list of names. I thought at least there may be some detail about what caused the crash etc, but no. It is like reading a phone book.

I’m glad I saved so much money buying a book I have no use for. I can’t wait for the next white elephant thingy. :stuck_out_tongue:

You obviously never read ‘Who moved my cheese?’

Hey, anybody in there with the last name Roewe? I might have some distant relatives in there.

Heh-heh. Schößling.
Though I’d’ve thought you were referring that that book that contains the first million digits of pi.

Reading the thread title, I was thinking to myself “Big deal, millions of kids have to buy The Old Man and the Sea for their reading lists.”

Your book actually looks interesting.

Hey I’m in the middle of that. Don’t ruin the ending for me.

My favorite scene is the one where Snoopy gets shot down and has to make his way back across enemy lines.

Many moons ago, overstock book stores were all the rage. I found a novel called The Building. The author (whose name I have thankfully forgotten) apparently had never heard of a neat little punctuation mark called “the period”. The story took place in a rundown New York apartment building. I’d gotten about 10-15 pages in before I began to go insane. I got rid of it soon therafter.

Zorf, Wilhelm


I opened this expecting to see a discussion of Atlas Shrugged.

I thought this thread was about “My Life” by Bill Clinton…but then I remembered that the “My Life” is not even the most boring book written by the Clinton family. I can’t even remember Hillary’s book’s name. There is no way I was ever going to finish it.

/not a politcal post at all, just my opinion on both books “interest factor”.

I was expecting a thread on Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes.

Anyway, at least you didn’t spend the full $70.00

No Roewe’s I’m afraid. Could it be a Roewe’s by any other name? :rolleyes:

I spent a good many years with that last name and nobody ever did that joke before. I actually laughed. Go Cicero!

You could try Ruva as another spelling, if you’re really bored. :slight_smile:

Oh. My. God. It’s official - my first SDMB spit-take. Where’s that monitor cleaner?

I just finished it.

The Kaiser did it.

They all die.

Oh, so it’s like Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Well, at least it wasn’t “Italian War Heroes”. I’ve heard it’s only one page long.

Which is really sad, because there’s a lot of potential in a story where everyone dies :smiley: