Today, I feel like a bad mom

Misskid2 had a loose tooth for a little over a week. Yesterday it was just barely in there. She wouldn’t pull it herself so her dad numbed the gum up with some orajel and pulled it. After it quit bleeding I had her smile and took pictures of the new “hole” in her smile. She wrote the tooth fairy a letter yesterday afternoon and put the tooth in the letter.

Last night at bedtime, I kissed her and sent her to bed. She made no mention of hoping the tooth fairy would come. I forgot all about it until this morning. I woke her up and was getting her clothes out of the closet when she looked at me and said “The tooth fairy didn’t come last night.”
I feel horrible. When we came down stairs she looked out the window and saw the snow. ( We are supposed to get 3-6 inches today.) I quickly covered and told her maybe the tooth fairy got caught in the storm and didn’t make it to our house.
She is going to put the tooth under her pillow again tonight in hopes of making some money.
I think this may well be worth $5.00. What do you guys think? Have any of you ever forgotten anything like this? Tell me you have, make me feel better by sharing your forgot something important stories.

Ohhh definitely I’ve forgotten, and boy did I feel like a schlub.


First time I forgot, my son came bounding down the stairs to announce that the tooth fairy had forgotten him. I said, “No way” (meanwhile trying very hard not to look panicked) and went upstairs “to check”. Surreptitiously stuck the dollar under his bed, called him up to help me look. He found it under his bed and I explained it away by saying he must have knocked it under his bed in his sleep.

Another time (yes, I actually did this twice), we forgot to even put the tooth under the pillow. He had brought it to me while I was on the phone with the plumber or somesuch, and I wrapped it in tissue and laid it on the phonebook. Next morning, sure enough, he comes downstairs complaining that the tooth fairy had screwed him over (ok not his words, but it was clearly how he felt). Remembering that the tooth was actually on the phone book, I thought fast. Stuck a dollar in the phone book. Asked him where we’d left the tooth (the kid has a memory that will amaze and astound) and he ran to the phone book, and found the dollar. He gave me this odd look, and said, “Mom, why is the tooth fairy so weird?”

:smiley: That’s my boy.

Oh heavens!

I did the same thing once and the Tooth Fairy made an appearance the VERY next night. All was well.

I left about $3 in halves. Another time I bought several silver dollars from the bank and they get those now. My girls love 'em.

Neglecting them (food, warm clothes) is a bad mom, forgetting about the Tooth Fairy is a Human Mom. You’re doing fine.

I had the same problem last week!

I forgot about the toothfairy and my kid got up and of course was disappointed.

I handled the situtation by palming a dollar and looking around and “finding” the dollar between her mattress and frame of her bed, right behind where her pillow lays. I told her the dollar must have slipped because of her tossing and turning in the night. She bought it.

Good luck to you.

I’ve done it at least once to each of my three kids, and sleezed around it in manners similar to the ones described here :smiley:

Poop happens. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Just cough up a little extra cash tonight and move on Mom!

The Tooth Fairy never forgot me. You all are terrible, horrible parents and should have Youth Services called on you immediately. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now watch me muss this one up for my own kids.

When Ralf, Jr. started shedding teeth, I made a quick stop at a local coin dealer. He had a tray of foreign coins on the counter, and they were going at something like 5/dollar. I scooped up 3-4 dollars worth, and stuck them in my dresser drawer. Whenever Ralf Jr. lost a tooth, he got a dollar and a coin from whatever country was cool-looking at the moment. Italy, Yugoslavia, Great Britain, whatever I thought he might like. We told him that “The tooth fairy must have just come from Italy”. This way he got a greenback or two, plus something unique. He’s a teenager now, and he still has those foreign coins.

$5.00!!?? Shit. I’d knock a couple teeth out myself if I thought it would land me 5.00 a tooth. We got a dime when I was a kid, and I think my kid got .50. I saved all his teeth. Sometimes I take them out and just look at them.

So, you function as Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, AND Santa, and you feel bad when one of your magic selves has an identity crisis?

Let it go, dear, but give the kid lots of fruit rollups!

I don’t have kids, but all this Tooth Fairy talk reminds me of an anecdote from The Family Nobody Wanted, a true story about a couple that adopted 12 kids, mostly of mixed races, back in the 40s and 50s when that sort of thing Just Wasn’t Done.

Anyway, they were pretty broke, so instead of having the Tooth Fairy visit, the mom would put a kid’s tooth into an envelope and deposit it into the special round “mailbox” at the side of her desk. The idea was to “mail” it to Santa Claus, who would leave an extra present in that child’s stocking for each tooth. (Figuring that the kids wouldn’t know how many presents there were supposed to be anyway.)

One day one of the brighter kids wanted to know what Santa did with all those teeth. While the mother went, “uh, bluh . . .” another kid said, “I bet he uses them for doll teeth!”

Out of the mouths of babes . . .

Once when I was a kid, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny had occasion to come to our house on the same night.

As coincidence would have it, this was also the night another family was staying over, so altogether there were four adults and four of us kids.

When we woke up in the morning we were told that the TF and the EB ‘got into the booze last night,’ and so we might have to work a bit to find the treats they left for us.

It was great fun, we were finding eggs and quarters stashed in the most remarkable places, for weeks after !

It’s occasions like these that make TF and EB more interesting characters.

We had some friends and all their children around on Xmas Eve (3 of theirs 3 of ours, all under 7). They had a really great evening and all flaked out around 11pm. We hoiked them all to bed, did the final bits and bobs and crashed out. Not one of us remembered to leave Santa a drink, or a mince Pie, no carrots or water for the reindeer, not a thing! :frowning: AND they all believe 110% in Santa. I felt awful.

I can not tell you how many times I have woken up around 3am remembering I have forgotten to be the “tooth fairy”. My 11 year still believes in her, or him…
She has a loose one now. My oldest now 13… When he was little he had two sliver crowns, and at one point I told him how much those crowns cost $100.00 bucks a piece. He said oh good I should get at least $50.00 for each of them… I had to laugh… Like there was no way in you know what that, that was going to happen… He woke up with a dollar under his pillow…
Also I have gotten caught with the tooth afterwards… One time when I woke up in the middle of the night remembering I had forgotten to be the tooth fairy I have half alseep and left the tooth in my night stand. Unfortunately that morning I set my son to get something out of the night stand and got busted…He came back and said MOM… are you the tooth fairy??? Holding the tooth in his hand. Using my quick motherly wisdom and said…No I left a note under the pillow for the tooth fairy to please leave me the tooth since it was such a special tooth…He bought it and still leaving his teeth under the pillow… The world is saved… :slight_smile:

Five bucks for a tooth??? I was lucky to get a quarter!

I’d like to point out that if the “tooth fairy” leaves $5, the kid is going to expect that everytime he loses a tooth. Thats going to end up being quite expensive.

And to think I only got 50p.

The last time the Tooth Fairy “forgot” to visit our house, I told my daughter that, as luck would have it, I had the TF’s email address, and would send her an email to find out what happened. Miraculously, TF emailed me back and apologized for not having gotten to her the previous night; she had been extra-busy, and then her unicorn (well, how else would the tooth fairy get around?) got a twisted ankle, and had to go home. But she would come tonight for sure! Kids are so fun to mess with :smiley: !

When I lost my first, or maybe it was my second tooth, my brother was in the hospital. My parents were distracted and forgot the tooth fairy. I was crushed. My mom told me to put it under my pillow again the following night, which I did. When I woke up their was a wonderful letter from the tooth farie explaining some horrible series of accidents and weather misshaps. Somehow the letter also explained that she was using all those teeth for her castle. I am not sure I remember quite how that worked. Anyway when I forgot my daughters 8th tooth somehow the toothfairy also left her a letter.


Me too, but then again that was a long time ago. I believe the Flintstones were our next door nieghboors.

One night, the tooth fairy forgot to visit me. But I had figured out that the “tooth fairy” stuff was a load of BS. So, I got into my mom’s wallet and took out a dollar in coins.
The best part is, she found the tooth, and had me put it under the pillow for the “tooth fairy” the following night, so I got double the money!

The going rate here is a buck a tooth. This may rate a fiver for two reasons, number one - I forgot about it completely and feel horrible, and number two - her dad had to pull the tooth. It didn’t just fall out.
My son once got $5.00 for a tooth I had to pull. It was hurting him to eat, and I knew I had to pull it. By the time it was out, I was crying and he was fine.