Tooth fairy: what's the going rate?

My kid (6 yrs) just lost his first tooth this evening. You know what that means: the Tooth Fairy will be here tonight. I hadn’t thought this one through yet: what’s the going rate for teeth from the Tooth Fairy?

You know (or maybe you don’t) how kids are: whatever amount of dough the Tooth Fairy leaves tonight, is going to be the going rate for the next 15 or so teeth (I don’t remember how many baby teeth kids lose).

When I was a kid, 1 tooth == $.25. I’m thinking that, these days, 1 tooth == $1, right?. My SO thinks that’s low, but $5 is too high. Hmph.

Part of me thinks that leaving more than one item is somehow not toothfairy-ish, so leaving, say, two singles is somehow not right, so it has to be $1 or $5, just because. Yes, this is probably not rational, but we’re discussing the Tooth Fairy; get over it.

What does the Tooth Fairy give your kids?

$750 per tooth . . .oh wait, that’s my dentist :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a buck a tooth in the late '80s. I say $2 is reasonable. $5 does seem a bit much.

My friend gives her kids $1 per tooth, unless it was a particularly distressing tooth-pull to yank it out, then it’s $2. The tooth fairy pays more for pain, apparently.

We do $1 a tooth. Unless they lose more than 1. Then it goes up. Then again we told my kids there is more than 1 tooth fairy. That they work like the postal carriers by zip codes… The one in my ex’s neighborhood is cheap & gives a quarter. In mine & my parents zip code it’s $1 a tooth. In my ex MIL it’s $2 a tooth…

I think one dollar sounds reasonable.

Of course, I got nowhere near that payment when I was losing teeth. The number of dollars I would get equaled my age. And I lost quite a few teeth between age 9 and 11.

Yes. Spoiled. But I never spent it and my mom…er, the tooth fairy, borrowed it from time to time for gas, pizza, etc…

The Tooth Fairy made her last visit to this household about 6 months ago or so.

She left my then 13 year old son a $5.

That was high, and since it was the ‘baby’, and his last tooth (or so I thought, he just had to have his last baby tooth that was fused to his jaw removed last week by an Oral Surgeon), she was feeling a little generous. It was usually in the $1 range for both my boys.

My oldest just had his wisdom teeth out last week as well. Since the Tooth Fairy had to dish out a pretty penny for those, they held no exchange value, :wink:

I would say dollar. go for a sackie. better presentation and whatnot

“sackie” ? :confused:

Oh, I see: “sackie” == Sacagawea Dollar. Well, Kid Squeegee lost the tooth @ ~ 7pm, the bank opens tomorrow, and the Tooth fairy will be long gone. I do like the thought, though. But there’s no way I can get a Sackie tonight. :slight_smile:

“Sackie” is the term that was coined (heh) for the Sacajawea dollar coin. Like the Canadians have “Loonies” for the $1 coin, because there is a loon on the coin. I’m not sure how widespread the “Sackie” phenomenon is other than on this board. I hardly ever see people using them, but I do my part to spread the “Sackie” name whenever I have one.

As for my teeth, I always got a dollar. I remember being awaken from a sound sleep because my dad “saw the tooth fairy leave.” I have a feeling he thought I was waking up, and decided to make me check right that moment. I don’t remember any other specific instances with my mom acting as the tooth fairy, but the one with dad, which he botched will stick with me forever.

I did the sackie, too. I had him put his tooth in an envelope and seal it (didn’t wanna risk it getting lost) and put it under his pillow. In the night I’d sneak in and steal the envelope, then I’d cut the end off with some of those fancy-edged scissors, sprinkle in some of the powder-fine irridescent glitter (fairy dust!) and a sackie. Then I’d stick it under his pillow, sprinkle a little more fairy dust on the edge of the pillow and maybe some on the window sill, etc.

Dominic LOVED this. He thought she opened the envelope “with her magic”. His first reaction when I told him he had a little fairy dust on his cheek was to freeze up in near panic, but when I told him that was a good thing he relaxed. Then he said he wasn’t going to wash it off until he could show the kids at school. Hehe!

He lost a tooth while we were on vacation with my mom at her summer cottage on a lake in small town New Hampshire. He was very concerned that the tooth fairy wouldn’t know where he was so he wanted to send her a letter. He wrote on a paper “Dear Tooth Fairy. I am in New Hampshire.” and we let him put it in the mailbox. Then we went into town for the day. When we got back to the cottage, he checked the mail (that was his job–he’s always liked getting the mail for some reason) and the coolest thing happened. I guess this is the difference between small towns and cities… but anyway the mailman had apparently seen the note and decided to play along, so the note was back in the mailbox, with the words “Ok, thanks” written on the back. Hehe! We hadn’t been able to get any sackies (my mom and I were secretly asking around while we were in town) but my mom was able to get two silver dollars at the store later and so that is what he got that time. We told him it was probably a different tooth fairy up in New Hampshire.

I remember one summer when I was with my dad, I lost a tooth. In the morning, along with a quarter, there was a little note from the tooth fairy. It had been written with a very sharp pencil with the aid of a magnifying glass in tiny, tiny print. I was totally convinced by it. What human could write that small, right? Heh.

It is one coin per tooth. So it was Sue-bucks for the elder bros. and Sues or Sackies for the youngest (who is still losing teeth). Some of them had teeth yanked before their time by their orthodontist (amazingly, 3 out of 4 of my sons got my awful teeth instead of their dad’s perfect ones) and they did get a premium for those. But the premium was paid by the parents, not the TF.

Sorry, but you guys are cheap! My 5 year old just lost her first two teeth, and she got five bucks apiece. Sucks I’m so poor right now, because it looks like the next two will be out at right about the same time!

No wonder. For 5 bucks a pop I’d be chewing on rocks. :wink:

Well, we’re doing the “fairy tooth box” thing – a box that the tooth fairy somehow knows to check, instead of the kid’s pillow. I’d never heard of this innovation, but Squeegee Gramma and Aunt both gifted one to my boy. Is this a new thing, or have I lived a sheltered life?

We’ve placed said Fairy Box in SqueegeeBoy’s room. I’ve decided on a paper dollar – the banks being closed, so a Sackie isn’t an option. I’ve folded it until I couldn’t fold, wrapped a neatly folded paper around it, marked it with a rune-like T, and wrapped clear shipping tape around that. It’ll be an ordeal to open tomorrow, but with a nice surprise inside. Perfect.

I like the idea of pro-rating the teeth – this is his first tooth, it’s a small one, so a dollar seems appropriate. We can tell him that TF gives different amounts, depending on the tooth and perhaps other circumstances, and adjust future gifts as we think is appropriate – “you have done your homework, right? The Tooth Fairy is coming, you better get busy!” :slight_smile:

I’d still like to hear what other parents/fairies are doling out for teeth these days. Thanks!

If the idea is that a kid could buy something with the tooth money, I think $5 sounds reasonable. Plus it’s not like he’s going to be losing a tooth every day.

Anyone remember the days when you could put yourself in a diabetic coma with a dollar’s worth of candy?

We have a special lil cup that we set on top of the TV. My kids’ rooms are not always nice & neat. So it’s easier & safer for me in the livingroom. My son has had several teeth pulled. SO when he lost 4 he got $5 for all 4 from the TF.

On review: OpalCat, I love your stories. Thanks for sharing!

I started casting about the house for something resembling “fairy dust”, but it’s all stuff he uses for his art projects, too obvious. I wish I had a sackfull of sequins or a pound of glitter I could dump on the Fairy Box. Darnit. :slight_smile:

My kids started wiggling their teeth loose… They figured free money…